Enhancing Hiring Quality: The Impact of Skills-Based Hiring on India Inc. by Taggd

At the vanguard of transforming India’s hiring landscape stands Taggd, the nation’s premier digital recruitment platform. Employing an innovative talent acquisition approach, Taggd has adeptly paired over half a million jobs with qualified professionals and catered to more than 100 clients across diverse sectors; this article probes into how its skills-based hiring model enhances the calibre of hiring candidates within India Inc.

The Taggd Advantage in Talent Acquisition

Believing in the hiring process as a delicate balance of art and science, Taggd aims to elevate it beyond mere transaction. Through innovative technology solutions—Taggd leverages these tools; thus, it has streamlined recruitment–making this operation more efficient and cost-effective for employers. Notably: The platform seamlessly links apt talent with suitable jobs—a strategy that fosters mutual benefit between both employers’ needs and job seekers’ aspirations.

Taggd, the knowledge partner of the India Skills Report, offers cutting-edge resources and intelligence. It illuminates India’s evolving job and hiring landscape with comprehensive coverage across various sectors; thus, proving an invaluable resource within India’s job market.

Advantages of Taggd’s Skills-Based Hiring Approach

Reducing Attrition Rates

Taggd’s pivotal role in reducing organizational attrition rates stems from its skills-based hiring approach. Taggd ensures that candidates possess the necessary job-related competencies and qualifications, thereby facilitating a selection process of truly qualified individuals who align perfectly with the job requirements. This alignment directly enhances job satisfaction by promoting employee competency; consequently, it significantly reduces turnover rates over time.

Enhancing Employee Satisfaction

Skills-based hiring directly yields an enhanced quality of new recruits. By concentrating on precise skills and competencies, Taggd secures candidates better matched to their roles; this alignment subsequently amplifies job satisfaction as employees perceive themselves as more competent and capable within their positions. Well-fitting candidates immediately contribute, translating their effectiveness into heightened productivity and efficiency within the organization.

Addressing Digital Skills Demand

Taggd employs a skill-focused hiring approach that proves invaluable in the rapidly evolving digital landscape of today. This methodology aids companies in locating individuals possessing necessary digital competencies; thus, keeping businesses ahead amidst continual transformations within the digital sphere. With an extensive pool of candidates boasting requisite digital capabilities, Taggd enhances and fortifies companies by aligning industry-specific requirements—a critical advantage for firms grappling with unprecedented online reliance: indeed, this strategy proves beneficial across all sectors at present.

Empowering Job Seekers with Diverse Backgrounds

Dedicated to skill-based hiring rather than conventional qualifications, Taggd extends opportunities for individuals who have acquired crucial abilities through practical training or independent study–even in the absence of university degrees. Consequently, Taggd fosters a diverse job market that accommodates workers with varying skill sets; it ensures everyone encounters welcoming employment prospects.

Enhancing Organizational Competitiveness

By aligning individuals’ skills with the company’s job requirements through their ability-based hiring method, Taggd the employment solutions enhance competitiveness.

This approach enables them to concentrate on meeting present workforce demands while strategically planning for future growth. With an emphasis on swift and effective recruitment, Taggd propels its customers ahead in the rapidly evolving business landscape.

The Changing Hiring Landscape in India

The 2023 Decoding Jobs Hiring Intent Survey reveals a moderate sense of optimism among Indians regarding future employment prospects. However, the pace is not anticipated to match that of the previous year. Car companies, banks and insurance firms – as well as manufacturing or construction sites – appear poised for job expansion within this locality. Using its unique data-centric methodology, Taggd significantly aids companies in managing and adapting to changes.

Hiring Intent by Sector

  • BFSI: 47%
  • Healthcare: 45%
  • Automotive: 36%
  • Manufacturing: 25%
  • IT: 13%
  • Pharmaceuticals: 10%
  • Others and diversified: 19%
  • India Average: 16%

Navigating the Skills Landscape

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), a non-profit entity that acknowledges the significance of a skilled workforce, articulates: “A collaborative hiring process and a strong focus on skill development—these are propelling India Inc. into future recruitment strategies.” In recognition thereof; CII partners with Taggd to execute sustainable modules for professional growth–an investment in building capable manpower through policy implementation.

In its fourth edition, The Decoding Jobs Industry Sectoral Report delves into the growth dynamics of specific sectors and illuminates their unique talent requirements. Playing a pivotal role–Taggd, in collaboration with CII–acts as an architect transforming the vision of India’s sustainable economy from abstraction to tangible reality.

A Paradigm Shift: Skills-Based Hiring

A paradigm shift is occurring in India’s hiring landscape, as employers concentrate on crafting efficient and inclusive work environments. The survey presents a positive rate of recruitment in India; correspondingly, companies are now prioritizing skills over conventional metrics.

Gender Diversity: A Determinant of Hiring Intent

The survey illuminates: that gender diversity holds paramount importance; companies, in their quest for a balanced workforce, are actively pursuing it. Taggd’s commitment aligns–with precision–with the dynamic needs of India Inc., promoting this critical aspect of workplace inclusion.

  • Female: 75%
  • Male: 74%

The Hybrid Workplace: A Rising Phenomenon

Companies are evolving workplace dynamics to adopt a more flexible and modern outlook. Gaining prominence, remote work and hybrid models enable employees to strike work-life harmony; Taggd supports this shift through the provision of tools enhancing remote hiring as well as collaboration.

Mode of Working Determines Hiring Intent

  • 56% of individuals engage in remote work.
  • Only 37% of employees work exclusively from the office.
  • Hybrid: 7%

Retention and Attrition

In 2021, India Inc. witnessed a significant improvement from its high attrition rate of 25%, as the average attrition rate dropped to 18% in 2022. The positive trends clearly reflect Taggd’s role in facilitating companies’ retention of top talent through innovative solutions.

Looking into the Future: The Evolution of Hiring Practices

Companies, in their pursuit of creating a competent and flexible workforce for India’s future, are expected to persevere. With foresight towards the changing job market dynamics, Taggd envisions strategically transitioning to a hybrid workplace model that offers remote availability.

In conclusion, Taggd actively catalyses positive change in India’s hiring landscape through its unwavering commitment to skills-based recruitment. By concentrating on skill development, advocating diversity, and integrating technological advancements; it persistently blazes a trail in transforming talent acquisition for Indian corporations: thus, shaping their future effectively.

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