Empower your Organisation with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

Businesses dealing across finance and manufacturing can make the best of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations to steer extensive agility and streamline key operations across financial, accounting, manufacturing, and supply chain management. To drive automation across these processes and gain business benefits including cost reduction, integration-powered automation, built-in analytics, and power-packed scalability, you must pick Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations as your Business Solution!  

This cloud-based ERP solution is categorized as 

  • Dynamics 365 Finance 
  • Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management  
  • Dynamics 365 Commerce (Retail) 
  • Dynamics 365 Human Resource 

Although D365 Finance and Operations appear as one, integrated application, it can be implemented as standalone solutions with the present pricing model and business requirements. However, the combination delivers the deep and recognized capabilities previously available with Dynamics AX but with new, adaptive technology enhancements.  

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is an inventive cloud-based ERP solution that drives extensive automation for businesses. You can select 365 applications for your business and elements in the solution that are relevant to your operations and can meet its specific requirements. The functionalities can be delivered and integrated with other elements in Dynamics 365, including Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Human Resources (Talent) and Field Service amongst others to let you drive more scalability with adaptibility.  

Additionally, you can ascertain accurate budgeting and forecasting while maintaining extensive financial stability. Many businesses run into issues as they manage multiple budgets across different departments without any standardization.  

In case, you want to overcome these bottlenecks and criical issues, you can leverage the core capabilities of cloud solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance or Dynamics 365 Operations. It allows you to build budget templates and steer centralization across your budgets and forecasts.  

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