Elevate Your Opportunities With Smart PM Training And Power BI Tools!

Are you an engineer stuck in the office making progress reports the old-fashioned way? Smart PM Training can help you take your project controls to the next level with their Power BI project management courses. Power BI is a powerful tool that can make progress reports quicker and easier. With this training, you will learn six key skills to excel in project control:

How to complete progress reports in seconds

With Smart PM Training’s Power BI tool, you no longer need to spend hours manually compiling information into a report. With its reporting capabilities, Power BI allows you to generate progress reports quickly and easily in just a few clicks.

How to analyze any area in the project

Smart PM Training Power BI tool gives you the ability to take an in-depth look at any part of a project. With its data visualization and analytics tools, you can break down different processes and determine which areas are working well and which areas need improvement.

How to work in one location, under one layout, with one tool

Smart PM Training Power BI’s “one interface, one data source” makes it easier to manage large projects with multiple stakeholders. You can quickly and easily access all the information you need in one place.

How to create systems and complete tasks on autopilot

Smart PM Training’s Power BI planning engineer  tool allows you to set up automated processes that will ensure tasks are completed on time and correctly every time. This helps your team get more done, faster, and with fewer mistakes.

How to create themes

Smart PM Training’s Power BI tool comes with built-in themes that allow you to customize the look and feel of your project report. You can choose from a range of different color schemes, fonts, and layouts to make your report stand out from the rest.

How to impress stakeholders and build a powerful brand

Smart PM Training’s Power BI tool makes it easy to create stunning visuals that are sure to impress clients and other stakeholders. By creating a strong brand identity, you can ensure that your project stands out from the competition and gets noticed by the people who matter most.


Smart PM Training’s Power BI for project control courses will give you the skills and confidence needed to take control of your project controls and impress everyone involved with your project management report-making skills.

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