Silestone Snowy Ibiza

Elevate Your Contemporary Kitchen with Chic Silestone Snowy Ibiza Worktops

Modern kitchen spaces have evolved from conventional cooking zones to vibrant spaces for conversations, dining, and hosting. The worktop material you choose needs to live up to multiple expectations- attractiveness, functionality, durability, convenience, and hygiene. In all these aspects, Silestone Snowy Ibiza worktops are highly remarkable. An impressive amalgamation of classic charm and chic designer appeal, these state-of-the-art worktops are engineered by the renowned Spanish manufacturer Cosentino. Composed of 93% pure mineral quartz, this Silestone resembles premium Carrara marble but offers the practicality and ergonomic benefits of modern hybrid quartz.

6 Reasons to Install Silestone Snowy Ibiza Worktops in Your Kitchen

No doubt, natural stone worktops like marble and quartzite are highly mesmerizing. But they are highly demanding in terms of cleaning, maintenance, and precautionary usage. 

  1. Alluring Style and Eye Appeal– Irrespective of the colour of your kitchen walls, cabinetry, fixtures, and fittings, Silestone Snowy Ibiza has a charming natural appearance that complements all interiors. Like Carrara marble, it has a subtle white background with intricate grey veins and light brown tints. The neutral colour palette is especially suitable for modern minimalistic kitchens. If you are fond of opulent colours and robust designs, pair Silestone Snowy Ibiza worktops with ornate backsplashes and solid cabinetry colours to create an alluring contrast.
  2. Superior Performance– Silestone Snowy Ibiza is incredibly tough and resistant to physical wear and tear. It is also impervious to moisture, heat, and UV rays. It doesn’t scratch or chip easily. Owing to the superior performance of this premium engineered quartz brand, UK-based homeowners find it ideal for kitchen surfaces, bathroom countertops, vanity counters, pantry surfaces, splashbacks, and so on. 
  3. Hassle-Free Cleaning and Upkeep– Natural stone worktops like marble, granite, quartzite, and limestone are highly porous. Hence, these cannot be used as worksurfaces without sealing. You need to reapply the sealant every 6 months to 1 year. In contrast, Silestone worktops never need to be sealed. The hybrid quartz surface will remain impervious to dirt, grime, and spills even after decades of use. Gently clean with soapy water once a day, dry wipe, and don’t let spills dry out on the surface.
  4. Bacteriostatic Treatment– While these premium quartz worktops are non-porous, an additional bacteriostatic treatment makes them all the more hygienic. The Alpha Nebula Series of Silestone Snowy Ibiza has a special antibacterial coating. For healthcare facilities, laboratories, schools, universities, and large families with young children, this is the safest kitchen worktop material. 
  5. Highly Customizable and Versatile– Unlike marble worktops where each slab has a different design, shading, and potential natural faults, Silestone Snowy Ibiza imbibes a homogeneous flowy effect and classy, yet expansive feel in your kitchen. If you prefer attractive and glossy surfaces, go for the polished finish. Else, the matte finish is apt for subtler décor preferences, especially for industrial-style kitchens. 
  6. 25 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty- No other worktop material, natural or engineered, is available with such a long warranty tenure of 25 years. Investing in Silestone Snowy Ibiza worktops for your modern kitchen will yield excellent returns in the long run. With no sealing, no polishing, and negligible upkeep/maintenance efforts, these premium worktops appear as good as new despite years of prolonged use. 


Be it in terms of ease of use, durability, hygiene, aesthetic appeal, or ROI, Silestone Snowy Ibiza is an immensely popular choice across UK homes. Thanks to this engineering marvel, you can achieve marble-like visual splendour without worrying about dedicated upkeep and maintenance costs. With fewer joints and standard as well as jumbo slab formats, you can easily get the worktops customized perfectly. No wonder, this zero-maintenance, highly sanitary, and phenomenally resistant material is recommended by leading interior designers for contemporary UK kitchens!

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