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Eicher Tractor Price, features in India 2023 – TractorGyan

In India, eicher tractor prices range from Rs. 3.20 to Rs. 10.10 lakh* in 2023. The horsepower of Eicher tractors ranges from 18 to 60. The pricing range for the most economical Eicher tractor, the 188 mini tractor, is between Rs. 3.20 and Rs. 3.30 lakh*. The Eicher 650 4WD is the most costly model, costing between Rs. 9.50 lakh* and 10.10 lakh*. 

The Eicher 380 4WD Prima G3, Eicher 333 Super Plus, Eicher 485 Super Plus, Eicher 557 4WD Prima G3, Eicher 551 Super Plus, and other variants are among the most useful and well-liked Eicher tractor models. Eicher 280 Plus 4WD, Eicher 333 Super Plus Prima G3, Eicher 380 Super Power Prima G3, and numerous other models are among the most recent tractor releases from Eicher.


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