Eicher 557

Eicher 557 Specifications, Offers and Reviews – Tractorgyan

The Eicher 557 is a robust 50 HP tractor, equipped with impressive specifications to meet the diverse needs of farmers. Boasting a 3300 CC engine with a power-packed performance, this tractor stands out in its class. The Eicher 557 features a 2WD model with a wide 2020 MM wheelbase, ensuring optimal support for various agricultural tasks. With a lifting capacity ranging from 1470kg to 1850kg, the Eicher 557 proves its versatility not only on the farm but also in transportation and construction activities. The 3-cylinder engine generates ample friction, enabling the tractor to perform exceptionally well in different scenarios. The stylish design, featuring eye-catching headlamps and decals, enhances the aesthetic appeal of the tractor. Priced at an affordable range of Rs. 6.80 – 7.30 Lakh* in India as of 2023, the Eicher 557 remains accessible to farmers across economic sectors. In conclusion, the Eicher 557 is not just a tractor it’s a powerful and versatile companion for farmers, offering a winning combination of performance, style, and affordability.

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