Diamond to Digital: Exploring the Fusion of Baseball and Esports

The Esports (Electronic Sports) industry is growing in a remarkable way in recent times. More sports are looking to join hands with corresponding e-games, and baseball is the most recent among them. Besides popularizing the sports, E-Baseball may also aid in the popularity of baseball jerseys like Soffe M209.

In this post, we are going to explore the fusion of baseball and Esports.

Exploring the Fusion of Baseball and Esports

The World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC), as a global body, oversees the functioning of baseball and softball. Besides, it came into effect with the merger of international baseball and softball federations.

Moreover, it is the WBSC that allowed for the inclusion of baseball and softball in Esports. It is why we can see Esports competitions these days, such as E-Baseball tournaments, at a global level.

Besides, Shoma Mori (SHORA) from Japan has already been crowned the winner of WBSC eBaseball Power Pros. Furthermore, we are surely going to see more E-Baseball tournaments in the future.

Now, let us start exploring how the fusion of baseball and Esports has gone along:  

E-Baseball in the Covid-19 Pandemic

Earlier in 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic hit every sport, including baseball. It is when the Major League Baseball (MLB) went into action with the launching of its Esports tournament. It launched MLB: the Show as an Esports tournament in which all 30 teams from MLB participated. In addition, one player from each of those teams represented the clubs with all teams playing 29 games.

Furthermore, the top eight MLB players moved on to the post-season, which ended with playoffs. Further, it was Blake Snell from Tampa Bay Rays who won the first edition of the MLB: The Show.  Besides, he defeated Lucas Giolito of the Chicago White Sox to win that tournament. In fact, he clinched all the three matches to secure that victory.

Moreover, Twitch telecasted the matches related to the aforementioned E-Baseball tournament live. Besides Twitch, ESPN, EPSN2, FS1, and MLB Network in the USA also telecasted the same Esports tournament. In addition, funds that MLB: The Show raised went to Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Canada Charities, respectively.

MLBPA (Major League Baseball Players Association) – Baseball’s Maiden Foray into Esports

Baseball’s maiden foray into Esports was the tournament MLBPA Fortnite Challenge that launched in 2018. So, it was not just the pandemic that helped baseball fuse with Esports. Moreover, the competition saw MLB Partner UMG (Universal Music Group) and retired baseball players involved in it.

Furthermore, the MLBPA Fortnite Challenge streamed live on UMG Twitch from the venue. Besides, The Wall Gaming Lounge inside the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino hosted it.

WBSC E-Baseball Game

Based on the aforementioned information, you can realize there were signs for international E-baseball tournaments in the future. Moreover, the game we talked about earlier that is WBSC eBaseball Power Pros, confirmed that.

Besides, Konami and WBSC partnership together brought the aforementioned video game. WBSC eBaseball Power Pros has succeeded in captivating global audiences at the finals with its nearly 2 million views online.

In fact, the statement from Riccardo Fraccari in the past gave us a hint about WBSC eBaseball Power Pros. Here is how that statement from the WBSC President Riccardo Fraccari summarizes:

“Future-directed initiatives like online competitions will support the development of baseball & softball over time.”

The WBSC President was right, too, as WBSC eBaseball Power Pros captivated too many eyes. Most importantly, the tournament was a success with a winner emerging from Japan, Shoma Mori (SHORA). Based on the success of this E-Baseball game, it is likely we shall see more games like it soon.  

Baseball Video Games to Date

When it comes to the earliest baseball video games, the history dates back to the 1970s. In addition, there were a large number of games designed for the sport “baseball,” following that time. In addition, we have listed below the most recent baseball video games:

  • MLB: The Show Series
  • B.I. Baseball Series
  • Out of the Park Baseball Series
  • Baseball Mogul
  • Super Mega Baseball

These games have certainly aided in the popularity of baseball. In addition, the fusion of baseball and Esports has further helped in the promotion of America’s third-most popular sports. Not to mention, games like baseball have also attracted fans to athletic clothing, such as Soffe wholesale athletic apparel.

The Future of Baseball and Esports

When it comes to the game of baseball, it is already a very popular sport in America. Nevertheless, E-Baseball tournaments have garnered baseball fans from all around the world. Competitions like these not only boost the popularity of sports, such as baseball. But also allows people from around the world to compete among the world’s best players and showcase their skills.

WBSC has already taken the right initiative to support the development of baseball and softball. In addition, Riccardo Fraccari being re-elected as the President of WBSC is also a good sign for the game of baseball. In fact, it is a good sign for both baseball and E-Baseball, as he has already helped promote both.  

Moreover, the initiative to make baseball and softball a part of Esports was a great move. We are already seeing the Esports industry growing fast. The inclusion of baseball and softball in this industry has not only aided the Esports industry. But also helped the game of baseball to capture more eyes and fans plus t-shirt styling options like raglan. All of these things reveal that the future of baseball and E-Baseball together is bright.


The Esports industry is growing in remarkable fashion these days. In addition, baseball is one of the sports that has joined hands with this industry. Besides, it is the WBSC that allowed for the inclusion of baseball and softball in Esports. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Esports tournament MLB: The Show promoted the way for baseball to fuse as Esports. Before it, MLBPA Fortnite Challenge launched which also helped America’s third-most popular sport to fuse with Esports over time. Moreover, the game WBSC eBaseball Power Pros in the finals captivated nearly 2 million views. All of the aforementioned tournaments have paved the way for baseball and Esports to accomplish more success in the future.

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