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Defeating Andariel in Diablo 2: Resurrected

Andariel in Diablo 2 Resurrected is among the toughest bosses in Diablo 2 Resurrected. The remastered version of the classic action RPG has given several players a taste of Andariel’s extraterrestrial power. It seems almost like battling the forces of Hell. She resides deep within the Catacombs of the Monastery and serves as the final obstacle before entering Act II. Defeating Andariel is a significant milestone in your journey, and you will need to have the best arsenal of weapons, set items and high runes and runewords, which means you’ll have to visit D2R store and buy Diablo 2 runes, set items and runewords. Keep reading to uncover the tactics and strategies to defeat Andariel.

The Truth about Andariel’s Relation with Duriel

Much has been written about Duriel’s relationship with Andariel. But none of them have been able to specify what kind of bond they have with each other. Although the fandom claims that both of them are brothers, the lore has a different story to narrate. In the lore of Andariel, it is mentioned that she has no relationship with Duriel. Not even the so-called twins that have been referred to so frequently.

It is a confusing lot to think about. The only reason they are considered twins in the Diablo Universe is because of their complementing actions. Going deeper into the Book of Cain, we find that Duriel has been described as Andariel’s brother. However, Andariel’s description reveals that she is only related to him as a distant twin. This confusion gets even more terrible when Diablo II paints an altogether different picture of their relationship. People have come up with their own set of fan theories, however, neither of them has been confirmed to hold any substantial weight to the issue at hand. In fact, nothing has been discovered and it still remains a mystery. This is something which can only be clarified by its creator Blizzard.

Understanding Andariel

Andariel is the embodiment of poison and suffering. She is a formidable opponent with a range of deadly attacks. Knowing her abilities is crucial in defeating her:

  • Poison Nova: Andariel releases a lethal and deadly poison called Nova that can deal substantial damage to nearby characters if you’re not prepared. 
  • Poison Spit: She spews venomous projectiles at her enemies, which can inflict poison damage over time. 
  • Melee Attacks: Andariel can engage in close combat with her trident, delivering powerful blows to anyone within reach. 
  • Summons: She has the ability to summon minions, further complicating the battle.

Preparation is Key

Before you go out to thrash the demon itself, you need to be at the top of your preparation. Although you will get tons of high runes and runewords in D2R store, there’s more to it than just to buy Diablo 2 runes and runewords.

Before facing Andariel, preparation is essential. Here are some steps to ensure you’re ready for the encounter:

  • Level Up: It’s recommended to be at least level 15-18 before challenging Andariel. Leveling up provides you with additional health and skills, making the fight more manageable. 
  • Gear Up: Equip your character with suitable gear. Visit the D2R store and look for items that boost your resistance to poison and enhance your damage output.
  • Resist Poison: Having high poison resistance is vital in this battle. Equip items or use charms that provide poison resistance. 
  • Stock Up on Healing Potions: Ensure you have a significant supply of health and antidote potions. Andariel’s poison attacks can drain your health rapidly. 
  • Team Up: If you’re playing with friends, having a well-rounded group with different character classes can be a significant advantage. A party can provide support and cover various roles, making the fight easier.

Battle Strategy

Now that you’re prepared, let’s discuss a strategy to take down Andariel:

  • Clear the Monastery: Before confronting Andariel, clear the Catacombs of the Monastery. This will provide a safe area to retreat and heal if needed. 
  • Engage Minions First: When you encounter Andariel, focus on taking down her summoned minions first. These include Venom Lords and Fetish. This reduces the number of threats during the fight. 
  • Keep Your Distance: Andariel’s poison attacks have a limited range. Use this to your advantage by maintaining distance while still dealing damage. 
  • Antidote Potions: When poisoned, use antidote potions immediately. This will prevent the poison from inflicting too much damage over time. 
  • Stay Mobile: Keep moving during the battle. Andariel’s Poison Nova is devastating but can be avoided by constantly moving away from her. 
  • Lure Her: Draw Andariel away from the centre of the room. This can give you more space to manoeuvre and can prevent getting trapped. 
  • Dealing Damage: Use skills and abilities that deal substantial damage to Andariel. You will get to know the specific damage impacts of each of the runes and runewords when you buy Diablo 2 runes. Ranged attacks or spells can be particularly effective. 
  • Patience is a Virtue: This battle may take time, so be patient and don’t rush. Gradually whittle down her health while staying alive.

Post-Battle Rewards

Upon defeating Andariel, you’ll be rewarded with experience points and the satisfaction of progressing to Act II. Additionally, Andariel can drop valuable items, including unique equipment and runes, making this battle potentially quite rewarding.


Defeating Andariel in Diablo 2 Resurrected requires careful preparation, taking time and effort to sort out effective runes and runewords in the D2R store, and an understanding of her abilities.  Topping off that, you also need to have a well-thought-out strategy besides buying Diablo 2 runes. By following these guidelines, you can overcome the Maiden of Anguish and continue your epic journey through the world of Sanctuary. Good luck, hero, and may the loot be ever in your favour!


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