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Dangers Of Shifting Heavy Furniture without Packers and Movers In Chandigarh

You have planned to move your furniture on your own in Chandigarh but shifting heavy furniture is not easy or a cake-walk. Furniture is fragile and some may break easily if not handled carefully. Not calling packers and movers to help you in this situation may be good for your pocket but they can create some risk for you and your belongings. Today, in this article we’ll talk about some hidden dangers of shifting heavy furniture without the help of packers and movers in Chandigarh. So, hold your FURNITURES, and let’s start our topic.

Risks of Moving Heavy Furniture On Your Own –

  1. Not Good For Back – If you don’t have the experience and the strength to move heavy items like sofas, beds, tables, etc. then trying to move them on your own might create lower back pain for you. As it may put pressure and strain on your back.
  2. Unwanted Injury – Just like the above statement, moving heavy furniture on your own might result in unwanted muscle injury and soreness. Muscle soreness may take at least a week to recover. We are not demotivating you or calling you weak. 

Professionals for home shifting in Chandigarh have expertise and experience in moving heavy belongings.

  1. Mental Stress – Apart from physical injury and muscle soreness, moving heavy furniture on your own might put mental stress on you because of the challenges and difficulties of doing it. It may demotivate you and put you in worry.
  2. Furniture Damage – If you are not able to handle heavy furniture carefully then there are higher chances of it getting damaged during the shifting process. If it falls or slips from your grip then the fragile furniture can break down easily.
  3. Property Damage – Apart from damaging your back, and your own furniture, moving heavy objects on your own can also damage your property or your walls, other furniture, floor tiles, etc.


In today’s article, we talked about 5 possible dangers of moving heavy furniture on your own without hiring professional packers and movers in Chandigarh. To avoid these damages and expenses you have to take the help of a professional service for furniture shifting.

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