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Dance To Fashion – A Tale Of A Daring Fashion Designer

Fashion designer-turned-author Carolyn Doyle needs no introduction. Her captivating novels are renowned for instantly grabbing the reader’s interest. Originally from the fashion industry, Doyle decided to become a writer after realizing her talent for authoring interest-grabbing tales. Her literary prowess is reflected in her writings, which are as unique, interesting, and intriguing as her imagination. Dance To Fashion reflects Doyle’s stand-out storytelling style from start to finish. Readers are in for an exciting ride of their lives as they delve deeper into the story.

The Plot

Dance To Fashion is an unorthodox tale of a young and passionate fashion designer willing to go the distance despite the hurdles in her path. The story is set in the 1970s when the fashion industry worldwide was considered taboo, if not worse, and women were particularly discouraged from joining this industry. It is a tale of a daring female who let no barrier prevent her from becoming a fashion designer at any cost. In a way, Dance To Fashion reflects Doyle’s own life story as she delved into something she wasn’t accustomed to when she became an author from a fashion designer.

Portrayal of 70’s Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is widely followed worldwide, but this wasn’t the case in the 70s. On the contrary, the 70’s fashion industry confronted numerous challenges the world over. Women empowerment was an alien concept back then, and females had to go out of their way to pursue careers as fashion designers.

Concurrently, 70s music was innovative and magical, with musicians like Elvis Presley dominating the music industry. Hip-hop culture was slowly making its way to mainstream society as it was being widely accepted worldwide. The author deftly explores both themes perfectly in the novel. Dance denotes happiness, excitement, and vibrancy, whereas the dance floor is the place to show all the moves without losing balance and enjoying the moment.

Remarkably, the author chooses a title that nearly perfectly matches the storyline when a daring female fights for her dreams in spite of the odds she faces on her way to becoming a fashion designer.

A Word On Zoe Hill

Zoe Hill is the main protagonist in the novel Dance To Fashion. She is committed and passionate and comes across as someone who makes their own decisions and stands by them. Zoe Hill believes in breaking the barriers and chasing her dreams. She doesn’t take no for an answer and refuses to back down from accomplishing her goals. Zoe vocally advocates what she thinks about chasing dreams daringly to her friends, family members, and colleagues. She is not afraid to confront hurdles she might face when chasing her life dreams, no matter how difficult they get.

She dreams of becoming a renowned fashion designer one day, even though her family doesn’t support her career choices. It is as if Zoe willingly opted to traverse a difficult career path despite knowing the hurdles in her way.

The wait is over! Grab your copy of Dance To Fashion and enjoy reading the story of Zoe Hill and how she dares to break the Taboos despite the challenges she confronts in between. The novel transitions effortlessly from one scene to another without the readers noticing.

The daring tale of a young, passionate designer is a masterly crafted piece that will leave readers spellbound.

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