Cricut Joy: A Beginner-friendly Craft Cutting Machine

The Cricut Joy is an amazing little compact machine that helps us with all our creative projects, whether it is large or small crafts. If you are new to this machine, consider buying one and know what it can do. The device is also the perfect companion to the Explore or Maker series. However, through this post, you will learn everything you need to know about this new innovative machine, and also you will learn what it is capable of. As a result, this guide will help you make an informed decision about whether you should consider purchasing this device.

Let us dive into this.

What is Cricut Joy?

This is a compact craft-cutting machine that requires little space and can help you with various projects. It can cut paper, vinyl, iron-on transfers, and cardstock. In addition to this, it can draw and score the materials by using its build pen. On the other hand, you get 50 free projects when you buy this Cricut Joy machine, making it easy for you to get started with fun crafts.

This machine was made for those who want to dive into crafting but do not want to invest more in a complicated Cricut-cutting machine like the Cricut Maker or Explore series. However, the machine is excellent for beginners to start their crafting voyage.

What Materials Can You Cut With Cricut Joy?

You can cut a variety of materials, including cardstock, vinyl, paper, and iron on transfers. The Joy machine is capable of cutting materials up to 5 ft. long and 4.5 inches wide so that you can work on even bigger projects. Its built-in pen can help you to create invitations, envelopes, greeting cards, and more.

There are a lot of materials that you can choose from, and you can also cut vinyl or use stencil vinyl to make decals. It is widely used to make stickers or greeting cards. Hence, you don’t need to rely on scoring tools as this small gadget can do so much for you; the possibilities are endless.

How to Use a Cricut Joy?

The usage of a Joy machine is not a tedious task. However, the machine is relatively straightforward, and you will just need to load the materials into the machine and let it do the rest.

Further, the Cricut Joy machine will automatically adjust the depth of the blade and pressure accordingly. So, when loading the material, you will only need to choose the project and hit “ Go.” That’s it!

What Can You Make With Cricut Joy?

There are different types of projects you can make with the Joy machine. Also, they are easy to make and don’t consume much time.

Here is a list of all the fantastic projects you can make with this small machine. 

  • Making cards for special occasions
  • Organized labels for the pantry, craft room, work, etc.
  • Stuff for decorating your home, such as wall decals and borders.
  • You can use vinyl for simple baby suits and t-shirts.
  • Banners and cardstock cards.
  • Sticky vinyl decals for mugs, tumblers, and phone cases.

The possibilities are endless. You just need to be a little creative to work with Joy.


Question 1: How do I make stickers on Cricut Joy?

Answer: Sticker paper is the best choice for making labels. To use sticker paper,

  • You need to load it onto the card mat
  • And then insert it into the machine.
  • Choose the design and press go
  • Then, wait until it completes the cutting process.
  • Once done, peel off the backing and stick it wherever you want.

Question 2: What blade is used on the Cricut Joy machine?

Answer: The Joy machine uses the blade, which is also known as the Fine Point Blade. The blade comes with this blade. Also, this is created for cutting lightweight materials such as paper and vinyl. In addition, you can purchase the replacement blades, including the replacement housings, and it can cut all types of materials like Smart Materials, Infusible Ink Transfer sheets, paper, cardstock, iron on vinyl, and adhesive vinyl.

Question 3: What can a Cricut Joy actually do?

Answer: In short, the machine can do the following things:

  • Making eye-catching labels and stickers
  • Cutting and scoring light materials like paper and cardstock
  • You can connect to your device via wireless Bluetooth
  • Writing and drawing with a pen or marker
  • It can also make cards and envelopes.

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