Cricut Easy Press Black Friday: Top 2023 Deals

Who doesn’t love saving money? So, if you are a crafter, then get ready to save big during the Cricut Easy Press Black Friday sale. In this upcoming sale, you can get any Cricut heat press machine for almost half its original price. For a Cricut crafter, there could be no better deal than this. Here, you will learn about the various Cricut heat press machines and the chances of getting a discount on that machine. Get ready to add a new member to your Cricut tools. So, keep reading to explore the products and then grab the best deals in the upcoming Cricut Black Friday sale of 2023!

1. Cricut EasyPress Mini

No matter If you are a professional crafter or just a novice hobbyist, including this mini beast will always help you level up your crafting game. It comes with smart heat settings to give even edge-to-edge heat on a product. Plus, It easily glides on uneven and uniquely shaped products like a stuffed animal. Plus, The mini size of the machine creates sublimation designs on a variety of tiny products like shirt cuffs, caps, shoes, wallets, hats, handkerchiefs, envelopes, and others.

Also, EasyPress Mini comes with Auto shut-off features that ensure the full safety of users, which is hard to find in regular irons. Next, the device works perfectly for projects like infusible ink and iron-on. This is the best option to get the Cricut Easy Press Black Friday deal.

2. Cricut EasyPress 2

Cricut EasyPress 2 is an excellent option for regular-size products such as shirts, t-shirts, purses, pillows, bags, aprons, gloves, and many others. Also, it offers a high temperature of up to 400℉ (205°C) with adjustable settings. This device comes in three sizes ( 12″ x 10″, 9″ x 9″, and 6″ x 7″) to pick the perfect size. Its safety base and auto shut-off features guarantee the total safety of the users while creating a project.

Plus, the machine comes with a smart design handle to use the machine, place on the product without any guesswork, and apply even pressure on the whole product. Cricut EasyPress 2 is the ultimate companion for crafters who aim to achieve pro-level results.

With the Cricut Easy Press Black Friday deal, you can get this machine at a lower cost than its actual price.

3. Cricut EasyPress 3

Cricut EasyPress 3 is the only heat press device of the brand that works with the Cricut Heat App for more ease. The machine comes in two different sizes to let the crafters pick their ideal size. While working with the EasyPress 3, its advanced features and smart technology leave no place for the guesswork. Cricut EasyPress 3 comes with easy-to-use control buttons and a tiny display for hassle-free navigation.

In addition, create the project quickly by selecting the project and materials in the Cricut Heat App. It works with the HTV, infusible ink, and iron on projects of prominent brands. Take your crafting endeavor to the next level by working on projects like curtains, banners, blankets, tablecloths, and others. You can also get this Cricut Easy Press on Black Friday sale to use the machine for commercial use.


Many people eagerly wait for the Black Friday sale to get their essential products while saving extra money. Also, the Cricut Easy Press Black Friday sale seems like a festival for DIY crafters who want to get perfect crafting machines but are on a budget. If you are also planning to get an easy press machine, then getting one can be a prudent decision on this sale. So, after reading about these heat press devices, make up your mind about which suits your crafting needs. On the sale, you get these machines at a minimum 60% discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Black Friday Sale in 2023?

The Black Friday sale in 2023 takes place on Friday, November 24. On this sale, highly lucrative deals are available on various products. On this sale, customers get from firms like Target, Walmart, and Amazon. The sale starts early after Thanksgiving and gives a 60–70% discount on products of the major brands.

What is the Cricut Easy Press Black Friday Sale?

On Black Friday sales, various e-commerce firms like Amazon, Walmart, and Target offer huge discounts on multiple products. Also, if you are a crafter, then getting the Cricut Easy Press machines on Black Friday can be a good deal and help you save money. In this sale, these devices are available for less than their actual price.

Do Cricut Sales Start during Black Friday?

Yes, you can get the Cricut products on this Black Friday sale to buy the machine at a cheaper price. These Cricut machines get a huge discount, so it is the best way to add the machines to your crafting tools during the sale. Also, the sale goes live in various countries, but not all. However, in the US, the sale starts on Friday, November 24, so get your Cricut machine in the sale to begin making pro-level DIY projects.

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