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Convert EDB to PST

Exchange EDB files hold all data of its users, such as emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and other data. So, many users are concerned about their crucial data and take a step to find a solution to convert EDB to PST file format. Users can protect their data from accidental data loss, intentional or accidental deletion, virus attacks, and other future mishaps by converting it into a PST file.

Apart from this, the PST file is easy to port, and all one can easily access the data of the PST file. Also, users can protect the PST file’s data using a password. That is why users are trying to find a solution to do this task.

No worries; we are here with a reliable solution so that you can effectively move EDB files to Outlook PST. To understand the solution to this task, kindly read this blog until the end.

Reasons why users look for EDB to PST file conversion

  • Backup purposes could be why users want to convert EDB to PST files. Above, we have already shared that users can avoid future mishaps by keeping a backup of their critical data.
  • If users look to transfer data from one system to another, they will convert it into a PST file to make it easy to port data.
  • Suppose an employee leaves the organization; the employee’s data will be stored in a local drive by the organization after converting to PST.

Due to such reasons, users wish to convert EDB to PST file format. Users could have more things for which they decide to move to do this task. Let us discuss how users can do this task quickly.

Solutions to export data from EDB to Outlook PST

This task can be done with the help of a manual or professional solution. Generally, the users move towards the manual way as it is free. Users can process the manual method only using the MS Exchange Admin Center. But this method has many restrictions that are responsible for a complicated process.

In the upcoming section, we will discuss the problems of the manual solution to do this task. It will help users understand the manual trick’s drawbacks before they choose this solution to convert EDB to PST files. After that, we will discuss a professional solution to complete this conversion task effectively.

Why should users avoid the manual trick?

The manual solution is free, but due to its several limitations, it is tough for users to convert EDB files to Outlook PST. Users must read its drawbacks before using the manual trick to do this task.

  • This method can consume lots of time to convert EDB files into Outlook PST.
  • It is not easy for users to process this task manually with their technical skills.
  • There is no guarantee that it keeps the originality of the folder structure and meta properties of the data.
  • It always has a high chance of permanent data loss with the manual solution.

So, users should try out the Shoviv EDB to PST Converter Tool to accomplish this conversion task effectively.

A simple way to convert Exchange EDB files to PST

To avoid manual solution problems, users can use the Shoviv professional tool. Shoviv EDB to PST Converter Tool offers many user-centric features to simplify the task. Users do not need to go through a lengthy method; by following a few simple steps, users can do this task. It also allows users to add various EDB files with no restrictions on their size.

The software offers a user-friendly GUI, which helps users effortlessly convert EDB to PST file format. Users can try the free demo version of the software to understand how this tool works and its functionality.

Ending Words

The Shoviv professional tool is trustworthy software that can quickly convert EDB to PST file format. With the help of this tool, users can even transfer bulk EDB files to Outlook PST. Explore more about its features by using its free demo version.

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