heat patches

Cold hands and feet – use heat patch!

heat patches warm hands and feet from the inside out. Bid farewell to numb, tingling fingers and toes in cold conditions. By emitting a subtle warming effect when exposed to air, they dilate local blood vessels driving oxygen-rich blood back to deprived tissues.

How Heat Patch Work

  • Heat stickers contain natural ingredients like iron powder and plant extracts  

  • When exposed to air, they produce a subtle warming sensation

  • This warmth stimulates blood vessel dilation and improves circulation

  •  Increased blood flow returns warmth and sensation to cold extremities

Using Heat Stickers Safely

While heat stickers feel wonderfully warming, never place them directly against bare skin which risks burns. Always wear them atop clothing such as special heat socks and gloves designed for use with warming stickers. Follow all product label directions carefully regarding ideal positioning. Promptly remove stickers if you feel excessive heat or skin irritation. Store unused stickers properly 

Fight the Freeze with Heat Patch 

Cold weather can cause numbness and tingling in our hands and feet. Heat patches stimulate circulation to safely restore heat while avoiding the risk of skin damage caused by direct heating methods. Use thermal patches to restore comfort even in cold conditions!

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