Cooling Gel Patches

Child-Safe Cooling Gel Patches Explained

When kids get injured playing or experience pain from affliction conditions, cooling gel patches can provide soothing relief without chemicals. But are these patches safe for children’s sensitive skin?

Here is what parents should know about using cooling pads on kids:

Ingredients to Look For

– Aloe vera – Soothes skin and inflammation 

– Arnica – Reduces bruising and swelling

– Menthol – Provides cooling sensation minus harsh chemicals

KONGDY’s Pediatric Cooling Patches use all child-safe ingredients.

Correct Application 

– Clean the area thoroughly before applying the patch

– Do not place on damaged or broken skin 

– Try on small test area first to check for allergies

– Follow all packaged instructions carefully 

KONGDY tests patches on delicate skin for assured safety.

Ideal Usage Areas

– Headaches – Forehead and temples

– Muscle soreness – Shoulders, neck, back, arms, legs

– Sports injuries – Sprains, strains 

– Arthritis pain – Knees, elbows, wrists


– Discontinue use if skin becomes irritated  

– Avoid direct sunlight on the applied area

– Do not microwave Cooling Gel Patches

Till now, we have distributed our products all over the world, such as in Russia, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Egypt, Germany, Spanish, the United Arab Emirates, and the Middle East etc. Our products have been recognized by customers from.

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