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CD BioGlyco Provides a Wide Range of Lipidomics Analysis Services for Research Use

CD BioGlyco, a leader in the field pf carbohydrates dedicated to helping advancing the development of biopharmaceuticals and glycomedicine, now provides a wide range of lipidomics analysis service for research use.


Lipidomic profiling is the methodical examination and identification of the lipids present in living things, tissues, or cells, as well as the molecules with which they interact. Additionally, by comprehending the structure and function of lipids, it is possible to determine how lipid metabolism is related to the physiological and pathological processes that take place within cells, organs, and even the human body. The analysis and identification of lipids and their metabolites, lipid function and metabolic regulation, lipid metabolism pathways, and networks are the main topics of lipidomics research. Mass spectrometry (MS) is the primary analytical technique used to identify and measure the lipidome. Lipidomics is the science of determining individual lipid species on a large scale.


Scientists with decades of experience in lipidomics analysis at CD BioGlyco are able to provide targeted and untargeted lipidomics services to meet specific project needs.


Lipidomics Services at CD BioGlyco mainly include:

Fatty Acyl Analysis Services

Fatty Acids Analysis, Fatty Ester Analysis Services, and Fatty Amide Analysis Services


Glycerolipid Analysis Services

Monoacylglycerol Analysis, Diacylglycerol Analysis and Triacylglycerol Analysis


Phospholipids Analysis

Ester Phospholipid Analysis Services, Ether Phospholipid Analysis Services, Cytidine Diphosphate-Glycerol Analysis Services, and Diphosphatidyl-glycerol Analysis Services


Sterol Lipids Analysis

Cholesterol Lipid Analysis Services, Ergosterol Lipid Analysis Services


Sphingolipid Analysis Services

Ceramide Lipid Analysis Service, Cerebroside Analysis Service, Diglycosylceramide Analysis Service, Globoside Analysis Service, Ganglioside Analysis Service, Sulfoglycosphingolipid Analysis Service, and Phosphosphingolipid Analysis Service


Oxidation Analysis

Neutral Lipid Analysis


Service Advantages

  • Expert advice on the most effective methods for gathering samples, processing them before shipping, and storing them to protect sample integrity.
  • Strict quality control: Every process, from sample processing to quality assessment to machine testing, is closely monitored to guarantee the accuracy of the results.
  • Timely updates, interactive real-time data review, and thorough reporting with strict confidentiality are all provided.
  • Advanced technology: Ultra-high resolution, ultra-high sensitivity, fast scanning speed, and high-throughput mass spectrometry analysis.


“The goal of CD BioGlyco is to earn your preference as the reliable solution provider. Our cutting-edge technologies and highly qualified staff members are dedicated to advancing your program and speeding up the overall development process.” Said Anna, one of the representative speakers from CD BioGlyco.


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