Capsicum Plaster: Relieve Pain Anytime, Anywhere

For on-the-go relief from aches and pains when they flare up, capsicum plaster offers a convenient mess-free treatment you can easily take anywhere. Harnessing the analgesic power of capsaicin, the active pain-blocking compound in chili peppers, these discreet medicated patches penetrate deep to dampen discomfort quickly. 

Capsicum Offers Portable Pain Relief

Capsicum plasters beat pills with the targeted application directly surrounding problem areas to alleviate sprains, strains, arthritis, backaches, or sore muscles. Benefits include:

– Just peel and apply the patch like a bandage 

– Avoid systemic effects with site-specific relief

– Waterproof and up to 24-hours duration

– Easily continues working while in motion

– Fits discreetly under clothing 

Capsicum Plaster.jpg

 Usage Tips While On the Move  

Follow these best practices for optimal mobile pain relief from capsicum plaster:

– Always apply to clean, dry skin 

– Rub around edges gently to activate adhesion  

– Place over sore areas or pain triggers  

– Reapply once patch adhesion lessens  

– Use for several days to desensitize nerves  

With the easy, mess-free, and portable application, capsicum plaster empowers all-day relief anytime joint, arthritis, or muscular discomfort strikes.

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