Cancer Research Internships In 2024 For High School Students

Cancer Research Internships In 2024 For High School Students

Internships in cancer research for high school students provide remarkable opportunities to explore a healthcare career. These experiences are not only beneficial for individuals aspiring to enter a cancer medical school but also for cultivating interest in science and healthcare among students contemplating a future career in the medical field.

Cancer research is a critical field with the potential to revolutionize lives and rescue numerous individuals. High school students passionate about science and medicine can make a meaningful contribution by engaging in cancer research programs. These programs not only provide valuable experience but also act as a wellspring of inspiration for young minds to delve into the complexities of this impactful field.

In this article, we will explore the leading cancer research internship programs designed for high school students. Without further delay, let’s begin!

National Cancer Institute (NCI) Internship Program

This program provides undergraduate students interested in a career in biomedical research with authentic research experience. Students gain valuable experience and broaden their knowledge of several facets of cancer research through this program. The program serves as a catalyst, encouraging and nurturing the upcoming generation of scientists who are vital to expanding our understanding of cancer and making a significant contribution to the continuous battle against this intricate illness.

Cactidu Online Research Project

Cactidu’s online programs in cancer research for high school students provide a transformative experience that unquestionably stands out as one of the premier extracurricular activities for high school students. This immersive and intensive research journey has the potential to significantly influence students’ academic trajectories and future careers. These online research programs cater to high school students seeking distinctive and varied research opportunities. These programs offer a platform for in-depth engagement in cancer research specifically designed for high school students.

National Institute of Health (NIH) High School Internship Program.

High school juniors and seniors in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC areas are being invited by HS-SIP to spend eight weeks immersed in biomedical research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). During this two-month commitment, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with subject matter experts and maybe earn a stipend in addition. Sounds like a cool opportunity!

Indiana University’s Simon Cancer Center’s Summer Research Program

Enhancing the participation of underrepresented high school and college students in the biomedical sciences is the goal of the Indiana University Simon Cancer Centre Summer Research Programme (SRP). If you meet the eligibility requirements (high school seniors and undergraduates in their junior year and above), you can participate in eight weeks of exciting hands-on research activities.

Roswell Park Cancer Center Research Program

For high school students who are interested in cancer research, the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Centre High School Research Programme is a fantastic opportunity. The major objective is to give students practical experience in a world-class cancer research facility while kindling their interest in science and teaching them vital laboratory and research skills. Participants actively participate in research projects under the guidance of seasoned scientists, expanding their knowledge of cancer and creating novel approaches to diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. This program is essential to advancing diversity, fostering the skills and goals of upcoming scientists, influencing the direction of cancer research, and bolstering continuous initiatives to fight cancer and enhance patient outcomes.


For high school students, pursuing an internship in cancer research in 2024 gives them a life-changing experience in the scientific and medical fields. Experiences such as the Indiana University Cancer Summer Research Programme, the NCI High School Internship, and others are priceless. It fosters passion and skills crucial for future healthcare practitioners. These cancer research for high school students opportunities not only enhance college applications but also contribute to shaping the next generation of scientists committed to advancing our understanding of cancer.

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