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Build-In Product Review By Squarespace: New Feature Unlocked

Businesses all around the world can boost their sales through product reviews. By showing positive reviews about your brand on your website you can be able to grow your business faster.

This can be done by using various CMS platforms that are available, one such is Squarespace. Recently, Squarespace has unlocked its new build-in product review feature for those working in the e-commerce industry and it has already had a positive impact among various businesses. It’s been a while now Squarespace Google reviews widget has been successfully working for the growth of various businesses and brands. Though there are many people who are not aware of this new feature. This is why we are going to convey details about the new features of Squarespace through this article which will help people to be aware of it.

Let us dive into it to know more.

Easy-Peasy Way To Activate The Built-in Product Review 

Businesses who want to take leverage of the new feature of built-in product reviews, need to first set up their e-commerce sites. For activating the feature, you will be guided to the e-commerce section of Squarespace. Following that you have to go to:

  • Product review section.
  • Next, request a review section.
  • Lastly, the email notification section.

After enabling the email notification your customers will soon start getting auto-generated emails after 14 days of placing their order. You will get the option of altering and customizing the email but the email which you have already sent you cannot change the time frame.  

The feature of product review not only allows its customers to review products, though it was designed keeping in mind products only, but the feature also lets customers leave their ratings and view different products and services that are physical and digital. Thus, the feature of Squarespace’s Google reviews widget is designed to provide benefits to all kinds of client-focused businesses and not only just e-commerce businesses. 

Understanding the Built-In Review Process By Squarespace

Have you activated the feature of product reviews on your Squarespace Google reviews widget? Now we will look into the rules of review.

Once you have activated the feature of product review, you will automatically be able to start accepting Google reviews from your customers. We provide you with the following rules for leaving Google reviews on Squarespace:

  • Deadline: After receiving a product customers will get a deadline of 120 days within which they can leave their reviews regarding the product or services.
  • There must be an existing product: you cannot display reviews of a discontinued product. In other words, there must be visible services or products on which you want to display the review.
  • There is a limit: For every single product and service, there is a limit of one review. 
  • No repetitive requests to review: Customers who have subscriptions will not receive multiple requests for reviewing products or services.
  • Hide reviews: It is totally upon the business owner which review they want to show and which they want to hide. To hide the reviews, choose the review you want to hide and then click on the ‘visibility’ option from the drop-down menu and then click on the ‘hide’ option to exclude that review. 

All The Know-Hows Of Product Review Feature By Squarespace 

Wondering how you can display your reviews? Take a look as we have discussed below to make it easy for you.

So you will get three different options if you want to display your product and service reviews. Here are the options:

  • Product review
  • Store review 
  • Product and service reviews

Not only these it also comes with the option of activating Google reviews on Squarespace. For those businesses who want to display their Google reviews on the website is an excellent feature for them. Customers’ Google reviews will automatically be posted by the site. You can hide and show Google reviews of your products according to your choice.

Advantages To Leverage From Product Review Feature By Squarespace:

We all know that a well-built business website showcasing outstanding products comes with a lot of benefits. But did you know that showcasing product reviews on the website also provides various advantages to business owners? By showing Google reviews on Squarespace of your product and services you can ensure the potential buyers or customers about your products and services. This marketing strategy can be proved to be very helpful for your business growth and also help to enhance the conversion rate of your business or brand when customers read positive reviews of the product on your website.  

Must remember that negative reviews on the other side can adversely affect your business growth so make sure you hide them.

Positive reviews on the other side have the power to bring more engagement to your business website as customers will find them lucrative.

 So the feature of Product Review by Squarespace can be proven to be a great tool. 

Wrapping it Up 

Now that you have learned about the product review features of Squarespace, use it to display product reviews on the Squarespace website. The site of Squarespace provides various new features that have effective use and it has proved to be a very useful tool. No doubt the new features of Product reviews by Squarespace can be vital for business owners and brands that have come up with unique and great products which have still not achieved engagement.

Try this feature and display your product reviews on the Squarespace website for increasing engagement.

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