Best Things to Do in Oman

The charming city of Oman has become a famous tourist attraction in the past few years. Are you also planning to explore this gem of the middle east? Well, you have landed on the right page. 

Go ahead to read the guide and find things that are a must-do in Oman.

Best Things to Do in Oman

Oman has always been one of the destinations which have lively vibes, and thus, people from all over the world make plans to explore this worthwhile place. 

Whether you are a shopaholic or wish to explore various attractive spots and places or try delicious food, Oman is the perfect place. So, no matter what one wishes to do, they can do it all here and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Let’s find out various things that travelers should not forget to add to their itinerary of Oman. Continue reading!

Wahiba Sands Tour

Known as the playground of Oman, the Wahiba Sands tour is something that no traveler can miss. It is counted as one of the best things to do here.

Whether you are on a solo trip, with your family members, or your friends, experiencing this is a must in life. Furthermore, the sand views which people witness here are unreal and magical. 

The tower shapes of sand dunes offer views that are second to none. 

Explore the World Heritage Sites

Are you fond of exploring various heritage sites? Well, if yes, Oman is the perfect destination for you. 

There are so many UNESCO sites that allow people to learn the history associated with this destination. Explore the burial grounds at the Ay-Ayn, Bat, and Al-Ayn. So, those who have a keen interest in this should not forget to roam around and explore these sites and make their travel even more worthwhile.

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Explore the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Muscat has the most famous mosque named, Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. This huge mosque is definitely worth exploring, and it can hold around 2000 worshippers. 

During the morning time, you can go ahead and witness the beautiful architecture. Even though it is not over-decorated, it still looks elegant and royal. This is another must-add thing to your itinerary. 

Watch Sunrise in the Wahiba Sands 

Can any trip ever be complete without witnessing the sunrise in front of you? It’s not every other day that people are able to spare the time out to see the sun rise up. When in Oman, head to the Wahiba Sands and see the best of Oman’s scenery.

Furthermore, adventurous people can go for wild camping and make their trip even more fun and worthwhile. Even though Wahiba is a small desert area, it still has a lot of things to do. 

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Plan your Oman trip itinerary today and have the best trip with your loved ones. 

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