Benefits of Having a Cannabis Subscription Box

Benefits of Having a Cannabis Subscription Box

Once frowned upon, cannabis has now become a common and accepted thing. While not many cultures have legalized it yet, its benefits have surely become widespread. More and more people are preferring cannabis in place of medication for pain, anxiety, etc. 

In addition to this, using cannabis for recreation has also become a widely accepted practice. As a result, we have plenty of cannabis gift baskets, monthly subscriptions, and more easily available. 

If this is new to you, you’ll be interested to learn how beneficial it is. Furthermore, it comes in many types to meet the demands of different users. But before we look at the benefits, let’s find out what these mystery subscription boxes are. 

Cannabis Gift Baskets

Cannabis gift baskets are a type of quarterly or monthly subscription boxes. As you can imagine, they contain either cannabis, different strains of weed, or related items. Additionally, they may contain edibles along with tools to enhance the smoking experience. 

Many brands and companies offer a variety of options to choose from. Of these, some are mystery subscription boxes or mystery gift boxes. You won’t be able to choose what goes in them.

However, they carefully choose items to interest you and enhance your experience. A starter box or a basic monthly subscription box will some or all of the following items:

  • To begin with, you will get weed or different strains of it in every box. Depending on the subscription you will get a month’s worth for the monthly subscription. 
  • Lighters
  • Rolling papers
  • Crusher
  • Rolling tray
  • Tips
  • Ashtray
  • Sometimes, you might also get a pre-rolled joint or two. 

This is for the basic box. On the other hand, you will also get more than one type of edible in some boxes. Additionally, you can get vapes, with a variety of flowers.

With mystery gift boxes, you’ll get a surprise every time. Some brands will take a quiz or a questionnaire to understand your preferences. 

Benefits of Cannabis Gift Baskets

Whether you use it for recreation or medicinal purposes, you can benefit in many ways. Some of them have a surprise, in others you can pick. This is just one aspect of it.

As long as you’re living in a state or country where cannabis is legal, you have many benefits to look forward to. Let’s explore some of the most common advantages and look at them in detail. 

1- Specially Curated Mystery Subscription Boxes

First and foremost, no matter what option you pick, you will always find special items. You can pick and choose the items or you can get a mystery box. The companies understand the needs and preferences of cannabis users. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or new to this, you can explore items of interest. 

In addition to this, they will also cover your necessities. For instance, you can get lighters, rolling papers, tips, and other articles. You can enjoy the occasional pre-rolled joints too. 

2- Convenience Procuring Items

To add to the above, it is also a convenient way to get the items you use regularly. You’ll be going to dispensaries picking items.

Not to mention, you may not get a variety of everything you need in one dispensary. You might have to visit multiple places. On top of this, consider the difficulty of the commute. 

Instead, you can not only get the items you need but also additional products. Aside from the things you choose, you can expect mystery gift boxes with new items in addition to what you use regularly. 

3- Doorstep Delivery 

Another convenience of getting cannabis mystery subscription boxes is doorstep delivery. Any items you choose, or the mystery items will delivered right to your doorstep.

You can receive it at the convenience of your home. Furthermore, this makes for great gifts for fellow smokers. You can have it delivered to them no matter where they are. 

3- Discreet From Start To Finish

For any reason at all, you might not want your neighbors to know you consume cannabis. While the reasons are personal, it is valid. Fortunately, these deliveries are as discreet as can be. The boxes are often plain and incognito.

Furthermore, they will have wrappings and other details on top. Additionally, you can request discreet deliveries as well. When you do so, the company will ensure the name or any identifying markers are not on the box. 

4- Celebrate your Lifestyle

Additionally, these boxes allow you to celebrate your lifestyle in peace. They come with stickers, decor, art, posters and more. Whether you want a sticker on your car or something to hand on your wall, you can get it in the box. However, keep in mind that you might not be able to choose what comes in your box. 

5- Cost-Effective

Going to different dispensaries and getting the items can be expensive. To add to this, items that are difficult for the dispensaries to produce will be even more expensive. On the contrary, you will have many cost-saving benefits from these boxes. 

You’ll have general discounts on all products. Moreover, you’re buying in bulk in essence. And when you buy in bulk, items are always cheaper. 

Furthermore, you will get some expensive items such as collectibles along with your regular box. You won’t have to pay extra for boxes that contain these specialized items. As such, you will save a lot in the long run. 

Sending Them as Gifts

You can also choose these boxes to send them as gifts. However, keep in mind that you are aware of the person’s preferences ahead of time. First and foremost, make sure they smoke and are interested in these items.

Secondly, you want to ensure that they’re comfortable in receiving these items in their mail. Lastly, choose the type of gift box that will contain items that will interest them. 


With ever so many benefits, no wonder these subscription boxes are becoming popular among weed users. The convenience of a variety of doorstep delivery is surely one of the major benefits. Depending on your preferences and where you order from, you can benefit even more. 

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