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Back To School: Sustainable Approach To School Supplies

Sustainability is a way to a healthy life. You can incorporate it into your everyday life by starting early. Teaching your children about sustainable living is a good thing. They can learn to protect the environment from the many dangers.

Back to school is a wonderful time to move towards biodegradability. You can replace the regular school materials with more biodegradable Food Packaging Supplies Australia. It will help reduce waste, lower carbon footprint, and make a positive impact. 

Check out the list of some eco-friendly products to help make your child’s daily routine more sustainable.

  1. Reusable Utensil Set: Biodegradable cutlery is a good place. Send your kid’s lunch with environment-friendly utensils such as a fork, knife, and spoon. It is travel-friendly and convenient to carry around.
  2. Sugarcane Straws: Let your kid enjoy his favorite beverage with a biodegradable straw. It’s flexible, durable, and resistant to sogginess. It is easy to dispose of and it decomposes within a few weeks. You can also reuse them with proper cleaning.
  3. Stainless Steel Water Bottle: Stop using plastic bottles for water and switch to stainless steel bottles. They are durable, handy, and available in various sizes and colors. You can keep your drink hot or cold depending upon your preference.
  4. Organic Cotton Backpacks: Cotton is an excellent biodegradable material. These bags do not hurt the environment and decompose without releasing toxic chemicals.

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