average cost of uncontested divorce in virginia

Average cost of uncontested divorce in virginia

What’s the Cost of Divorce? 

Average cost of uncontested divorce in virginia is one of the first and most frequent inquiries you could have after deciding to dissolve your marriage. These fees vary widely because they are largely determined by the intricacy of the case, the degree of disagreement between you and your spouse, and whether or not you want to hire an attorney. This is your guide to understanding the variables that affect divorce expenses and how to lower them.

If both parties consent, how much is a divorce?
The costs associated with a “uncontested” divorce—one in which both parties concur on all significant issues and terms—might be minimal. The costs could total $500, for instance, if you file all the necessary paperwork and your divorce is amicable. Unless the court grants you a “waiver,” which allows those with lower incomes to forego these costs, this would cover the typical filing fees.

What Does a Divorce Cost Including Legal Fees?
The price of a divorce attorney varies a lot based on your location. For instance, hourly rates for legal assistance in New York City might reach $350. As a result, it could be better to restrict the range of legal services your lawyer offers in order to unbundle them.

However, having the assistance of a skilled attorney may be more crucial if you are going to trial or have issues pertaining to child custody, child support, and visitation. In the long run, it may be more expensive for you to not have legal representation for a relatively complicated divorce.

What Does a Handmade Divorce Cost?
Your costs could be greatly lowered if you are submitting your lawsuit “pro se,” or on your own, as there are no related legal costs. In this manner, you and your spouse will construct the “settlement agreement,” or the final terms that you both consent to be bound to for the divorce settlement, in the event that your divorce is uncontested. You will also cover the court’s filing fee.

Collaboration in divorce or mediation
A good substitute for a trial-based divorce is mediation. Generally, you will split the expense of mediation with your husband, but it can cost several thousand dollars, depending in large part on how involved it is. A less expensive option is collaborative divorce. Here, you and your partner each get legal counsel and use a series of sessions to resolve your disputes.

Employing a Legal Consultant
Retaining a “consulting attorney” is a less expensive option than engaging an attorney. This expert is someone you have engaged to give you advice on whatever divorce-related issues you may need. By doing this, you can deal with an attorney on certain issues rather than the whole divorce, while still keeping their fees down.

Legal Notice: Nothing in this article should be construed as establishing an attorney-client relationship. Although it offers general legal information, it does not represent expert legal advice for your specific case. You should consult an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction if you have any legal questions.

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