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Attest Your Provincial Birth Certificate in Pakistan

If you need a provincial birth certificate in Pakistan or child custody in Pakistan, you may contact Jamila Law Associates. At the federal level, there is no uniform policy on maternal health. The National Framework on Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health was issued by the then-defunct Ministry of Health. It expired and has not since been renewed.

Pakistan’s Maternal Health:

The state of Pakistan’s maternal health is very poor due to non-implementation and lack of implementation of reproductive health policies with birth certificates in Pakistan or child custody in Pakistan. The maternal mortality rate in Pakistan is per, birth. Younger girls are more vulnerable to reproductive health problems due to the lack of affordable and high-quality maternal health services. Because they are more likely to experience reproductive health harms due to their young age, complications from pregnancy and childbirth are the leading causes of death for girls. There are approximately, cases of obstetric fistula in Pakistan each year. To prosecute child marriages, and to ensure that children who escape child marriages are protected economically and socially, the state must provide support on birth certificates in Pakistan or child custody in Pakistan.

Destitute and Neglected Child Act:

The Punjab Destitute and Neglected Child Act and Sindh Child Protection Authority Act, respectively, call for the appointment and establishment of child protection institutions for neglected and destitute children. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa also passed the Child Protection and Welfare Act and Baluchistan the Baluchistan Child Protection Act. These laws do not contain any specific provisions regarding the protection of children married to. However, none of these provincial laws contain specific provisions regarding the protection of child marriage victims. These laws are applicable in cases of child marriage.

Child Custody Certificates in Pakistan:

These laws on birth certificates in Pakistan or child custody in Pakistan apply to child marriages. All three laws apply to violence in a child marriage. All three laws provide for the establishment of protection committees. These committees are responsible for providing legal and medical assistance to victims. They also keep official records regarding domestic violence cases within their jurisdiction. The laws may protect married girls who are victims of domestic violence if they are implemented. However, girls may face obstacles to accessing legal recourses on birth certificates in Pakistan or child custody in Pakistan due to the section.

Child Marriage Youth Policies:

Youth Policies to End Child Marriage Some provinces approved youth policies that included commitments to end child marriage. The commitments are vague and do not detail specific policies to end child marriages. However, the Punjab Youth Policy was approved by the Punjab government. It includes promises to “take strict steps to implement laws against forced or early marriage.” The policy also provides details about specific policy measures to end child marriages. Baluchistan also drafted a youth strategy on birth certificates in Pakistan or child custody in Pakistan. Although the draft policy allows for youth education programs regarding early marriages, it does not include any commitments regarding the implementation of existing laws or improvements to existing laws. International Legal Obligations and Commitments Pakistan has made many international commitments to ending child marriage.

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