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An Ultimate IELTS Preparation Guide to Study in Hungary

Do you want to study in Hungary? The first step towards this dream is clearing the IELTS exam. When pupils decide to study abroad, they appear for a language test. IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a recognised exam for students’ language understanding. Moreover, IDP Education and Cambridge Assessment English have partnered with the British Council and are responsible for conducting the IELTS exam.

Furthermore, the questions are as follows: What is the structure of the IELTS exam? How should a student prepare for it? Let us discuss these questions briefly.

Structure of the IELTS Exam

The IELTS exam tests how well a student can speak and understand the English language. Furthermore, it is a requirement that students should fulfil if they wish to study in Hungary.

The structure of the IELTS exam is in the table below:

Paper TypeQuestionsTime Given
Listening40 Questions30 Minutes- To listen to the audio10 Minutes- To transfer answers
Reading40 Questions60 Minutes- To read and answer(Transfer time is inclusive)
Writing2 Writing Tasks60 Minutes- To understand and write(Transfer time is inclusive)
Speaking1- Introduction2- Task Card3- Following Questions11-14 Minutes- To answer

IELTS Preparation Strategies

Do you want to know how to pass the IELTS exam confidently? Indeed, the IELTS language assessment exam is the first step towards a long journey of studying abroad.

Let us discuss some IELTS preparation strategies. Also, it will help you ace this exam and follow your dream of studying abroad.

Setting Goals and Timelines

After all, setting goals is critical when students prepare for the IELTS exam. The exam’s definitive structure helps learners increase their focus. A scholar should create a timeline that is easy to follow yet covers all the parts of the exam. Moreover, building a specific environment to study in is unnecessary. IELTS is a skill-based exam; one can plan and prepare through a practical approach.

Developing Strong Language Skills

IELTS is a language assessment exam for students who aspire to study in Hungary. Without a doubt, a student moving to a foreign country faces cultural and lifestyle shocks. Furthermore, a student must be ready to understand and know the basics. The language test assures the universities and government that students have a good command of the language. Hence, a student can support themselves in an English-speaking country.

Utilising Preparation Materials

Maintaining a good command of the language is critical when preparing for the IELTS exam. Can a student achieve this in one day? No. A student must utilise time and resources efficiently. Furthermore, students should practice listening and writing skills, attempt mock exams, and speak correctly. These ways will help students score well and allow them to study in Hungary comfortably.

Seeking Guidance from Experts

Guidance is a ray of hope in the dark clouds of self-doubt. Students are conflicted with several other process requirements while making the application. As a result, mismanagement eventually affects a student’s grades. Moreover, an expert can guide and help manage a student’s time and efforts during hardships. In addition, it leads to better results and inspires students to seek guidance and help from other students.

Common Misconceptions About the IELTS Exam

Every year, 1.2 million students from India appear to take the IELTS exam to fulfil their dreams of studying abroad. When learners start their journey, they come across multiple pieces of false information about the process or structure. Moreover, it misleads students and hampers their progress, which leads to a lack of motivation.

Here are some common fallacies illustrated to address study in Hungary for Indian students, which will help them with the process.

Ø Students must exceed their word limit to increase their test scores.

Ø Complicated words in writing are the key to achieving good test scores.

Ø Never ask an examiner to repeat a question; this creates the wrong impression.

Ø If a student wants to pass the IELTS exam, they must score above 7.0.

Ø Only solving the sample papers can help a student achieve good marks.

Overcoming Challenges: Tips and Tricks

When students prepare to study abroad, they begin a stressful journey. Furthermore, as the saying goes, the best way out is always through. The journey is difficult, but every situation has loopholes. A student should find these loopholes and work on them to achieve the desired results.

Let us discuss some tips and tricks that help students overcome these challenges to fulfil their dreams and come out with flying colours.

  • Students should stay physically fit to increase their concentration power.
  • Establish driving forces for the journey through goal and purpose-setting.
  • An aspiring student must be aware of the structure of the IELTS exam.
  • Students should learn management to avoid getting stuck on a topic too long.
  • Life provides second chances, so students should avoid unnecessary stress.

Final Word

To conclude, study in Hungary for Indian students provides them with endless prospects and life-changing experiences. Ambition drives power; a person needs a source to fuel that power. Accordingly, the IELTS exam is an important stepping stone for students studying abroad. Getting through the IELTS exam opens endless doors for a student. This article gives insight to students on the IELTS exam. Moreover, the significance of the process and the challenges and solutions that a student should consider are evident.

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