AITech Interview with Ulf Zetterberg, Co-CEO at Sinequa.

Kindly brief us about yourself and your role as the Co-CEO at Sinequa.

I’m a serial entrepreneur, business developer and investor inspired by technology that improves the way we work. I’m passionate about human-augmented technologies like AI and machine learning that elevate human productivity and intelligence, rather than replace humans. In 2010, I co-founded Seal Software, a contract analytics company that was the first to use an AI-powered platform to add intelligence, automation, and visualization capabilities to contract data management. During my tenure, I oversaw the company’s fiscal growth and stability, which led to the acquisition of Seal by DocuSign in May 2020. I later served as President and Chief Revenue Officer of Time is Ltd., a provider of a productivity analytics SaaS platform. I joined Sinequa’s board of directors in March 2021, providing strategic planning and oversight during a time of rapid European expansion. With Sinequa’s fast growth, my role also expanded. So, in January 2023, I joined Alexander Bilger – who has successfully served as Sinequa president and CEO since 2005, in a shared leadership role as Co-CEO with the aim to further accelerate Sinequa’s ambitious global growth. Today there is so much innovation happening around the confluence of AI and enterprise search. I can’t imagine a more exciting space right now, and especially with Sinequa as a leading innovator.

What inspired you to explore the various facets of technology?

My inspiration came from the realization that technology can have such a positive impact on human productivity and experience. Technology is a tool and an enabler. Human-centered technology, such as Sinequa Intelligent Search, leverages the power of technology to support human achievement.

Kindly brief us about Sinequa and give an overview of its standout products.

Today the biggest names in pharma, life sciences, manufacturing, and financial services, including Airbus, AstraZeneca, Bristol-Myers Squibb, NASA, Pfizer, Siemens, Credit Agricole, Total Energies, Volkswagen and hundreds of others use Sinequa to use data more effectively and to gain business insights. The company was founded in 2002 with the vision to help companies and knowledge workers make the most of their content and data through an enterprise-built Google-like solution. At the time, Sinequa founders saw that enterprises’ valuable information remained largely siloed and underutilized and that corporate knowledge workers were wasting hours a day searching for information. These challenges impact each of the key vectors of business – time, money, risk, experience, and both employee and customer experience. To address this, Sinequa created an intelligent search tool powered by AI and machine learning that unifies information discovery and retrieval under one simple UI, enabling organizations to tap into the vast knowledge and expertise contained within their enterprise data. As our customers’ needs became more sophisticated and the maturity of the Cloud delivered greater scalability, flexibility, and extensibility, we optimized the platform for Microsoft Azure and in 2022 changed the name of our platform to Sinequa Search Cloud.

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