Aeromexico Name Change Fee, Rules, and Types

With Aeromexico’s name change policy, flyers can change or modify a name on their already issued ticket. The passenger-friendly guidelines of the airline help you to edit the typo error or change a name because of legal compulsions. In this article, you will find the limitations to comply with before initiating a name change, the Aeromexico name change fee, tips to avoid the fee, and more.  

Aeromexico Name Change Rules 

Aeromexico allows passengers to correct three characters of a name, be it first, middle, or last name. The name change request is subject to the name change/correction fee and should fulfill the following criteria. 

  • Aeromexico must operate the flight. The codeshare or interline network partners should not operate the flight segments.
  • Bought in US Dollars. Other currencies except Mexican Pesos aren’t eligible for name correction/change. 
  • Flyers can request name change/correction about 24 hours before the departure. You can initiate name changes after the departure. 
  • The airline limits the ownership of your flight ticket to another person. In such a situation, you must cancel your ticket and buy a new one. 
  • The legal or official name change is subject to the Aeromexico name change fee and the applicable fare difference. Travelers must present supporting valid documentation, like a legal affidavit, divorce agreement, etc., to validate their identity. 
  • You can’t initiate a name change after check-in. 

Types of Name Change Requests Aeromexico Allow

Aeromexico will accept the following situations under its name change/correction policy.

Maiden Name to Married Name 

You must present valid documentation like a marriage certificate, court order, or divorce decree to change your maiden name to a married name. The airline doesn’t charge a fee for this kind of change, but if the fees, taxes, or airline surcharges change on the flight ticket, you must pay the additional fees at this time. 

Typo Errors 

If your name has one or two wrong letters, you can easily board the flight. If your name has major spelling errors, you must call the airline. You should request a name change about 24 hours before the departure. 

Inverted Name 

In case of an exchange of first with last, the airline will change it without any issue. However, you should pay the name change fee. You must make the request about three hours before the departure. A waiver code is not essential to get the approval of the airline. 

Aeromexico Name Change/Correction Fee

The Aeromexico name change fee depends on different factors, like the types of name change requests, the approach opted for the change, and the complexity of the processes. You can save the name change fee by initiating the procedure within 24 hours of buying the ticket. After 24 hours, fees for name change differ; check out the below details. 

  • To make changes/corrections in a name and surname, you may need to pay $200 and the possible fare difference. The cost for the name change is the same if you made the change online or over the phone. 
  • Travelers may have to pay $150, and a likely fare difference for minor name changes online. You may need to pay $200 and a possible fare difference for the same change via customer service. Travelers can use the same service for $250 about 12 hours before departure at the airport kiosks. 
  • To change a name on the flight ticket, you must pay $200 plus the likely fare differences if done online and $250 with the possible fare difference if done over the phone. 
  • To rectify typo errors in the first and last name, you may need to pay $200 and a possible fare difference through the official website or at the airport kiosks. 
  • To correct the inverted name, you should pay $150 with the possible fare difference via the website or phone. 

Final Words 

Based on the ticket type, request time opted approach, and specific circumstances, Aeromexico Airlines charges fees to change/correct a name on the ticket. The above article will help you understand the Aeromexico name change fee. However, if you still have queries, go to the official website or contact customer care. Moreover, you can call +1-800-865-1848 to talk with an expert.  

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