A Short Review of Essential Machines in an Extrusion Machine Manufacturing Company

An extrusion machine production company primarily produces coiling machines and machines related to wiring, extrusion, and relevant functions. These machines include cable and wire extrusion lines, coiling machines, rubber extrusion, galvanized steel wire or spring coating extrusion lines, medical tube extrusion lines, and auxiliary. This article exclusively focuses on explaining some of the above-said coiling machines. Read it till the end and decide what you need for your company. 

Pay-off Machines

  • Definition 

A pay-off machine is a straightforward machine that supplies coiled or spooled materials into the manufacturing process. A manufacturer can also use a pay-off machine for inspecting operations. It can also be utilized as a take-up unit for re-spooling. A take-up machine is specially designed to rotate cable wheels to fill them with the final product.

Each device differs from one another, as each serves different purposes. A pay-off machine requires little handling hassle. It would help if you choose a suitable machine for your extruding process.

  • Types

An extrusion machine production company must be able to showcase its customers with different types of pay-off machines. Three standard pay-off machines are used in almost every large-scale heavy industry for various purposes. 

  1. Flyer Pay-off
  2. Driven Pay-off
  3. Pneumatic loading Pay-off
  4. Dual Take-up
  5. Portal Pay-Off & Take-Up
  6. Hydraulic Lifting Pay-Off & Take-Up
  7. Column type Pay-Off & Take-Up
  8. Gantry type Pay-Off & Take-Up
  • Features

Take-up & pay-off machines are primarily available in every extruder manufacturing company. These two machines work together in the extruding process. However, you must remember that your extrusion machine suppliers are better driven payoff machine suppliers. Please ensure that the devices you purchase fit your company budget and, most importantly, can meet your target purposes.

  1. It can be operated easily
  2. Ensures higher safety standards
  3. All appliances are fully guarded to ensure optimum safety
  4. Easy maintenance
  5. Easily integrated into existing lines
  6. PLC winder control with attached operating panel
  7. Reliable for Industry 4.0 norms & IOT Enabled
  8. Should have a remotely controlled option
  9. Electromechanical switches to avoid accidents while running.

Tandem Insulation Machine for LAN Cables

  • Definition

A tandem insulation machine for LAN cables is an advanced coiling machine primarily used to manufacture high-quality data cables. This machine serves its purpose even before a wire is inserted into an extrusion machine. This device intakes solid copper before putting it through the extrusion process. It draws the copper and anneals it on the line. A special crosshead is designed on the line, giving the appliance high eccentricity on the wire. Lastly, it is equipped with high-speed dual take-up to ensure continuous production. 

  • Features

You must ensure that the tandem insulation machine for LAN cables you are considering should have the following features:

  1. Online diameter control
  2. A well-organized capacitance monitoring system
  3. Pre-defined recipes and remote services
  4. Speed range of 500mpm to 1500mpm
  5. Good alarming system
  6. Reliable for IOT-enabled hardware and industry 4.0 norms
  7. Durable and energy-saving
  8. User-friendly

Dry Cure CCV Lines Machine

  • Definition

A dry cure CCV lines machine is an advanced technology machine in the extrusion business that enables the continuous production of high-voltage and medium-voltage cables. It has a wide range of high torque motors that helps users to extrude various products with different torque. 

These are manufactured with high-quality raw materials to continuously produce HV and MV cables while maintaining uniform pressure and resisting excess frictional temperature. They are linked with a driven pay-off & accumulator. 

  • Features

  1. All machines are fully guarded 
  2. Online Diameter controlling 
  3. Dry Nitrogen Cure & Nitrogen Cool System
  4. Dry Nitrogen Cure & Water Cool System
  5. Reliable for Industry 4.0 norms & IOT Enabled
  6. Online remote service facility for handling PLC and electronics problems.
  7. In-house manufacturing for excellent service and quality.
  8. A dry cure CCV lines machine has lectromechanical switches to ensure operator safety during running


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