A Healthy Makki Connection: Where To Buy The Best Organic Corn Atta In Delhi Online

Not many people are able to get their hands on the best kind of corn flour. A good-quality corn flour, or makki flour, is made from corn kernels. It is loaded with various benefits, as corn flour is rich in fiber, gluten-free, full of antioxidants, etc. Earthy Tales is the best online store where you can buy organic makki atta without fretting about its quality. Most corn flours are modified with pesticides, other flour options, etc. But with Earthy Tales, you will get premium makki atta packed with protein, fiber, antioxidant properties, etc. Plus, the delivery options by Earthy Tales in Delhi, NCR, etc. make everything smooth and perfect.

In What Ways Is Earthy Tales Organic Corn Flour Better Than Normal Corn Flour?

Many people who don’t dig deep into their groceries often end up regretting it. Earthy Tales offers top-notch organic makki atta, or corn flour. It focuses on bringing back the forgotten taste of pure corn flour. Here are some points that make Earthy Tales organic corn flour better than normal corn flour:

  • It is an unadulterated corn flour, which helps in encouraging and keeping alive the traditional method of preparing food.
  • The maize used to prepare Earthy Tales organic corn flour is Desi. It means that American sweet corn is not used in making it.
  • A hill variety of ‘Saathu’ that gets ready within 60 days is used to make Earthy Tales organic corn flour.
  • The organic corn flour by Earthy Tales is milled in Panchakki and involves a fresh water stream.
  • The nutrients remain intact while preparing the organic corn flour.
  • Earthy Tales offers organic corn flour in 500 gm and 1 kg quantities at competitive pricing.

Benefits of Earthy Tales’s Organic Corn Flour

Here are notable benefits of Earthy Tales organic corn flour:

It reduces bad cholesterol.

Consuming organic corn flour can help lower bad cholesterol levels. The reason behind this is that organic corn flour has high dietary fiber, which reduces the level of low-density lipoprotein, or bad cholesterol.

Works for constipation

Organic corn flour or makki flour can be beneficial in reducing constipation. It helps improve the bowel movement. Also, organic corn flour is high in fiber, which means the bowel system can be improved. Plus, it can ease the digestion process.

Organic corn flour offers energy for the body.

People who consume high-quality organic corn flour can see a major difference in their daily energy levels. Consuming organic corn flour chapatti can offer enough calories to balance the calories that are burned in a day. Moreover, vitamin B such as niacin, thiamine, or riboflavin can benefit the energy metabolism reaction of the body.

It is great for bone health.

Organic corn flour is high in potassium and magnesium. These minerals are known to be beneficial for maintaining bone health. Potassium is known to conserve the calcium in the body. It also helps in preventing the urinary calcium loss in the system. Potassium and magnesium can enhance bone density, connective tissues, etc.

How Do I Get Organic Corn Flour From Earthy Tales?

Getting your hands on organic corn flour can be slightly difficult when you don’t know the right place to shop. Earthy Tales is the ultimate online shop to buy organic makki atta. The organic corn flour by Earthy Tales is prepared or milled carefully to keep the nutrients intact. Also, Earthy Tales offers other flours online, like organic rice flour online, organic bajra flour, oat flour, etc. They do doorstep delivery in Delhi, NCR, and other Indian cities, hence, one doesn’t need to worry a little. Just order online by visiting their online store and get it at your doorstep within 24 hours.

About Earthy Tales:

Founded in 2017 by Deepak Sabharwal, an ex-TATA, GE and Pepsi alumni, Earthy Tales is NCR’s most loved community led organic food brand, which works with organic farming communities to promote natural farming and city communities to increase awareness about Clean, Chemical free food.
Deepak quit his corporate life of 20 years to make our soils and food plate free of pesticides as Earthy Tales purpose.
You can read his inspiring story on https://theorganicmagazine.com/meet-the-plantpreneur/deepak-sabharwal-some-earthy-tales/

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