A comprehensive solution to resolve your vape tax complexity and compliance

Establishing and maintaining a tobacco and vape business is complicated. It comes with so many complexities with legal compliance for selling tobacco products and keeping their sales records. For most vape suppliers in Georgia, tax computation and reporting as per PACT requirements is a bulky chore. It requires in-depth knowledge of composite tax structure and filing. Also, several resources are needed to file accurate tax returns for revenue and income-making through tobacco products. The GuruWay is offering comprehensive tobacco tax services in Georgia to tobacco businesses by providing ERP systems. It is the best solution that works to make the tax computation and filing easier and uncomplicated. Let’s see how this system can help you to comply with tax requirements for the vape and tobacco business.

Systematize your business processes

ERP is one of the most reliable and comprehensive tobacco tax solutions in Georgia to incorporate into your business. It can automate your business processes by managing and storing transaction data in one place. You can use it for managing your e-commerce tobacco store, point-of-sale system, accounting, inventory tracking, and more. Thus, the system can automate all these processes and enable you to compile and access sales and transaction data to compute taxes. Thus, you can use it for single and multiple tobacco store locations to compute taxes on the basis of transaction recording.

Automate routine tax compliance

As a tobacco wholesaler or retailer, you need to report sales and tax computations to authorities via MSA reporting. Once a month, you have to report the taxes to the Georgia Department of Revenue. Thus, to make such reporting easier, you can implement day-to-day tax compliance for your business. Using comprehensive tobacco tax services in Georgia by our ERP system, you can:

  • Compute rates of products based on tobacco tax regularities and PACT compliance
  • Apply varying tax regulations for local and the state selling of tobacco and vape products
  • Monitor sales for multiple locations and save data at a centralized location for easy access to tax computation
  • File your tax returns according to the requirements and conditions of the Georgia Department of Revenue

Kick the burden of filing tax returns

For many tobacco firms, the Enterprise Resource Planning system is proving a boon in tax computation and managing various transactions. It helps companies to switch from long and tiring manual processes of sales recording, inventory tracking, invoice generating, etc. to automation. Therefore, using these comprehensive tobacco tax solutions in Georgia offered by ERP, you can also offload the burden of tax computation and filing. The system facilitates you with:

  • Extraction of tobacco sales data for single to multiple locations from various channels like in-store, online, and B2B sales. Thus, you can compute and generate tax returns efficiently
  • The system also facilitates you in compiling the data for obtaining a complete picture of your overall tax liability
  • It enables you to file returns with no room for manual errors and MSA reporting.

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