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A Comprehensive Guide to Men’s Pocket Squares

When it comes to menswear, subtle details frequently make the biggest impressions. A classic piece of clothing, the pocket square can make an ordinary suit look impressive. This tutorial explains how to style men’s pocket squares into your outfit and demonstrates how this little item can have a significant effect on your overall appearance.

Choosing the Perfect Pocket Square

Selecting the appropriate pocket square is essential before styling. Men’s pocket squares should be chosen with fabric, colour, and pattern in mind. Choose a square of silk or cotton that contrasts or complements the colour of your suit. Sophistication can be added with a hint of pattern without overpowering the design.

The Classic Presidential Fold

Learn how to fold a presidential fold for a classic, sophisticated look. All you have to do is fold the pocket square into a tidy rectangle and slip it into your pocket, making just a little bit of show-through. This subtle look goes well with business environments and formal events.

The Puff Fold: Effortless Sophistication

With the puff fold, you can look effortlessly elegant. Tuck the pocket square into your pocket by grabbing its centre and letting the fabric bunch naturally. This easy yet elegant look is ideal for bringing some flair to your semi-formal or casual outfits.

Two-Point Fold: Modern Symmetry

Learn how to fold something in two points for a modern, symmetrical appearance. The pocket square should be folded once to form two points and once again to form a triangle. Before placing it, adjust the points to the appropriate length. in your pocket. This style adds a modern edge to your ensemble.

The Winged Puff: Playful Elegance

Add a whimsical touch to your ensemble with the winged puff fold. With a slight twist, this style resembles the puff fold and produces a winged effect on both sides of the square. Perfect for get-togethers and celebrations, it gives your ensemble a whimsical touch.

The Cagney Fold: Artistic Flair

The Cagney fold can help you unleash your inner artist. This complex fold has several twists and turns, creating a display of pocket squares that is both textured and eye-catching. The artistic flair it adds to your outfit is well worth the extra work it takes.

Contrast and Coordination

Try different combinations of contrast and symmetry when matching your pocket square to your attire. If you want a coordinated look, match the colour to your tie or go with a contrasting hue to make a bold statement. This simple decision can significantly impact the overall aesthetic of your ensemble.


To sum up, the men’s pocket square is an adaptable piece of clothing that can instantly improve your look with little work. The most important thing is to convey your individuality, whether you choose to use the traditional presidential fold or try more contemporary ones like the Cagney or the winged puff. When shopping for pocket squares, explore a variety of fabrics, colours, and patterns to build a collection that suits different occasions and outfits. Accept the skill of accessorising, and allow your pocket square to be the distinctive element that makes your look unique.

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