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A Complete Manual on How to Register with an overseas nursing council and secure a job

Nursing and midwifery are noble professions that offer fulfilling career opportunities. As an overseas nurse or midwife, qualifying to work in any country has to fulfil the country’s requirements. To make it easier to understand, I have used the Nurses and Midwife Council (NMC) UK and Kerala Nursing Council (KNMC) India as examples to explain how to register as a nurse in the UK.

Understanding the NMC Registration Process for Overseas Nurses

For overseas nurses and midwives, the first step towards NMC registration involves a qualification and competence assessment to ensure that they meet the standards required to practice as a registered nurse or midwife in the UK. This assessment is essential to determine the eligibility of internationally qualified nurses to work in the UK and join the NMC register.

English Language Proficiency: Key Considerations for NMC Registration

English language proficiency is another essential requirement for overseas nurses applying for NMC registration. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and Occupational English Test (OET) are commonly used to assess international nurses’ and midwives’ English language skills. Meeting the English language requirements set by the NMC is paramount to successfully completing the registration process.

Preparing for CBT and OSCE Exam: Essential Steps for Overseas Nurses

The Test of Competence, which includes the Computer-Based Test (CBT), is a standardized assessment designed to evaluate nurses’ and midwives’ clinical knowledge and competence. Successfully passing the Test of Competence is an essential step towards completing the registration with the NMC and working as a nurse or midwife in the UK.

If you’re an overseas nurse looking to work in the UK, completing the NMC registration process is crucial. This involves submitting all the required documentation and paying the registration fee as per the guidelines set by the NMC. It’s essential to clearly understand the application process and the associated registration fee to ensure a smooth and successful registration with the NMC.

OSCE is a vital component of the NMC registration process for overseas nurses. This assessment evaluates the competence of internationally qualified nurses and midwives seeking to work in the UK. Understanding the NMC assessment and the OSCE exam is fundamental for overseas nurses aiming to complete their registration with the NMC.

Once the OSCE exam and the Test of Competence have been successfully completed, overseas nurses can proceed with finalizing their registration with the NMC. This involves submitting the required documentation and fulfilling the registration requirements set forth by the NMC to become a registered nurse or midwife in the UK.

Working as a nurse in the UK: Meeting your home country requirements

Working as a nurse in the UK requires overseas nurses to meet specific hours of nursing practice and competency development standards. Continuous professional development in the last five years and competence assessment are essential aspects that internationally qualified nurses must adhere to to work in the UK as a nurse or midwife. Foreign verification, a good standing certificate, and experience in your home country can be checked in this step.

Foreign Verification and Good Standing to NMC Registration from your Parent Nursing Council

Nurses who received their training outside the UK may need to provide foreign verification and a good standing certificate from the nursing council in their home country.

For example, nurses from Kerala, India, which is one of the high-desert nursing populations in the Indian States, are required to provide the Kerala Nursing Council foreign verification

In addition, nursing candidates are obligated to confirm their good standing with their parent nursing council. A Kerala nursing council good standing certificate is a document that informs the nursing registration authorities or board that the candidate’s nursing registration or license has not been limited, suspended, or cancelled in any jurisdiction or country in which they are currently registered.

Adhering to the guidelines and fulfilling the necessary requirements is critical for internationally qualified nurses aiming to work in the UK and complete the Overseas Nursing Council registration process.

NHS UK Job Vacancies for Overseas Nurses

The NHS in the UK has a significant number of nurses job vacancies for overseas nurses, with a strong demand for skilled healthcare professionals to fill these roles. The NHS actively seeks to recruit nurses from overseas to address the organisation’s healthcare staff shortage. Nurses have various NHS nursing job vacancies in different specialities and settings, including hospitals, community care, and mental health facilities.

The NHS offers a supportive work environment, career development opportunities, and competitive salaries to attract overseas nurses. In addition, the UK government has relaxed immigration rules to make it easier for overseas nurses to work in the country. The NHS also provides assistance with the registration process and support for nurses to adapt to the UK healthcare system. Overall, the NHS in the UK presents a promising prospect for overseas nurses seeking professional growth and new opportunities in a diverse and rewarding environment. 


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