A Close Look at Laboratory Air Dryer Innovations

There’s more to scientific exploration than what meets the eye, and a factor that largely remains behind the scenes, yet holds immense significance, is the quality of air in research labs. What might seem trivial to some can, in reality, make or break the success of laboratory experiments – we’re talking about the presence of moisture in compressed air.

The Undeniable Necessity of Pristine Air in Laboratories
Residual moisture in compressed air can wreak havoc on lab equipment and even spell disaster for your precise experiment outcomes. Fortunately, the landscape of laboratory technologies has advanced to develop top-notch solutions ensuring premium air drying, tailored for a myriad of lab uses.

In this insightful piece, we’re lifting the curtain on the intriguing science behind laboratory air dryer technologies, highlighting the unique attributes and advantages of two path-breaking products offered by Air & Vacuum Process Inc.

The Compact Powerhouse: Altec HR Series “Mini-Flow” Heatless Regenerative Dryers
Specially designed for lab applications, the Altec HR Series “Mini-Flow” Heatless Regenerative Dryers, brought to you by AVP, are mini yet mighty marvels. Their plug-and-play installation coupled with fuss-free maintenance makes them a top pick for research facilities.

Packed with stellar performance capabilities, these dryers offer an impressive -40°F pressure dew point, guaranteeing even the minutest moisture is expelled from the air supply.

A standout feature of the Altec HR Series is the intelligent purge savings capability. By smartly syncing the dryer with an air compressor pressure switch or auxiliary contacts, the purge valves seamlessly coordinate with the compressor or point-of-use process.

This clever feature, alongside the dryer controller’s brilliant memory, promises flawless cycling and noteworthy energy savings. For demanding point-of-use applications, gas generators, and OEM applications, laboratory professionals can trust these dryers to deliver with unparalleled precision and dependability.

The Quiet and Clean Solution: Panther Oil-Free Mini Air Compressor
For those labs yearning for a quiet, oil-free air-drying solution, the Panther Oil Free Mini Air Compressor (model PC106) stands out as an exceptional choice. Beyond eliminating oil usage, this compressor significantly reduces noise levels, creating a pleasant work atmosphere.

Equipped with an automatic start/stop functionality facilitated by a pressure switch, the Panther compressor provides effortless operation, only kicking into action when necessary. Furthermore, the inclusion of an outlet pressure regulator guarantees precise control of the air supply, perfect for catering to specific lab instrument needs.

In terms of convenience, the Panther compressor comes with a silencing enclosure supported by casters, ensuring easy movement within the lab. Integrated gauges provide swift, accurate pressure readings, while the ASME Safety valve provides absolute security, offering peace of mind to lab professionals.

The Perfect Drying Methods for Lab Applications
Every lab application has its own set of requirements and thus demands bespoke drying methods. For delicate analytical tools like gas chromatographs and mass spectrometers, a consistently low dew point is crucial. Heatless regenerative dryers like the Altec HR Series step up, offering a remarkable -100°F pressure dew point.

For general lab applications prioritizing oil contamination prevention and noise reduction, the Panther Oil Free Mini Air Compressor proves to be a stellar option. Its oil-free operation ensures a contamination-free air supply, eliminating any potential experiment spoilers or equipment damage.

AVP: Your Trusted Partner for Compressed Air & Gas Dehydration Solutions
Air & Vacuum Process Inc. (AVP) shines as a trusted name in the distribution of premium laboratory air dryer products, including the game-changing Altec HR Series and the Panther Oil Free Mini Air Compressor.

As experts in compressed air and gas dehydration solutions, AVP stands tall in the industry, known for its unmatched expertise and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Lab professionals seeking dependable, efficient, and high-performance air drying solutions can rest assured knowing that AVP delivers top-of-the-line products, consistently. With a firm dedication to superior customer service and a profound understanding of lab needs, AVP secures its spot as the go-to choice for discerning laboratory professionals.

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