8 Fantastic Hacks To Add Volume To Your Eyelashes

Are your lashes thin and lackluster, with a little wow factor? Everyone dreams of long, lush lashes that add drama to our eyes; some people naturally have full, lush eyelashes; however, many need help in creating this look. Apart from volume lash extensions, there are plenty of alternative strategies that could add volume without damaging or replacing natural eyelashes permanently! Read this blog and discover eight effective hacks that could give your dreamy fullness of eyelashes without breaking the bank!

Invest in a High-Quality Mascara:

The foundation for achieving voluminous lashes is a high-quality mascara. Look for a mascara that is designed to add volume to your lashes. These mascaras typically have a thicker formula and brushes with bristles that help coat each lash evenly. When applying, make sure to wiggle the brush at the bottom of your lashes, then sweep it upwards. This will help create a voluminous base that extends to the tips of your lashes.


Curl Your Lashes:

Curling your eyelashes can make a significant difference in how they appear. Utilize an eyelash curler before applying mascara to give your lashes a natural lift. Hold the curler at the base of your lashes and then gently squeeze for a few seconds. Be careful not to pull too hard or pinch your eyelids.

Use a Lash Primer:

Lash primers are like a secret weapon for achieving voluminous lashes. They create a base for your mascara to adhere to, making your lashes look thicker and longer. Apply a coat of lash primer before your mascara for an extra boost of volume.

Apply Mascara in Layers:

Instead of applying one heavy coat of mascara, try layering it. Apply a thin coat, let it dry for a few seconds, and then apply another. Repeat this process until you achieve the desired volume. Layering mascara prevents clumping and gives your lashes a more natural, voluminous look.

Choose Darker Shades:

Opt for darker mascara shades like black or brown. Darker colors create a more dramatic contrast between your lashes and your skin, making your lashes appear thicker and more voluminous. These shades also enhance your eye color, making them pop.

Comb Your Lashes:

After applying mascara, comb through your lashes with a clean and high-quality mascara wand or a lash comb. This will aid in separating the lashes and removing any clumps, giving your lashes a fuller appearance.

Use Castor Oil:

This oil is a natural remedy that can help promote the growth of your lashes. Apply a little amount of castor oil to your lashes before bedtime. Over time, this can help your lashes grow longer and thicker, adding natural volume.

Practice Good Lash Care: 

Taking care of your lashes is crucial in maintaining their volume and health. Avoid rubbing your eyes and be gentle when removing makeup. Use a makeup remover designed for the eyes to prevent lash loss. Also, avoid using waterproof mascara regularly, as it can be harsh on your lashes.

Now, let’s address the magic word – Salon MT Pleasant SC. These extensions can provide instant and dramatic volume to your lashes. They are inexpensive and do no harm if applied by professionals. You can try volume lash extensions as well without any fear!

Also, while eyelash curlers can be a great tool for achieving volume, overusing them can damage your lashes. Be gentle when curling and avoid using them daily. Excessive use can lead to lash breakage and thinning.

Final Words

Achieving voluminous lashes is made easy. Start by investing in a good mascara, use lash primers, and apply mascara in layers. Curl your lashes, choose darker shades, and comb through your lashes for a more voluminous look. Additionally, incorporate natural remedies like castor oil and maintain a healthy diet to support lash growth. Remember to practice good lash care to prevent damage and thinning. With these fantastic hacks, you’ll be on your way to achieving the dreamy, voluminous lashes you’ve always wanted.

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