7 Habits Successful Forex Traders Do That Benefit Their Trading

When people hear stories about successful trading endeavours, many automatically assume that traders just got lucky. One of the reasons many have that mindset is because they think that the mechanics of trading are similar to gambling. Even though forex trading has existed for decades, many still need to familiarise themselves with its concept.


One reason many new traders don’t have a positive trading experience is entering the market without fully understanding what it is. Even though there are many online materials people can access to learn how to trade forex, most still lead with their gut instinct and not based on strategies.


Many don’t utilise the materials, insights, and strategies other professional traders share and practise. Instead, they confidently trade on their own will, without basing it on knowledge and market performance. If you relate to that, this post will help you incorporate habits that are more likely to help you become successful in trading. Here are habits successful forex traders do to benefit their trading.


1 – They don’t stop learning about the market.

One of the habits successful traders do is they don’t stop learning. They understand that success in the forex market requires consistent learning about market trends, new trading strategies, and software updates that could benefit them.


Successful traders don’t stop refreshing their knowledge about the market because they also actively compare their insights with the new updates and learnings about forex trading. That way, they can stay updated with the latest market trends and incorporate them into their trading decisions.


2 – They always trade with a plan.

Another habit of successful traders is they trade with a plan. I mentioned in my introduction that many new traders fail because they make trading decisions based on their gut instincts. Successful traders are successful because they take calculated risks and weigh the options they can take before making a move.


Trading with a plan can increase your chances of earning a profit because you’ve already mapped out the moves you’ll make by weighing if the result will cause you to win or lose. And even if you lose money, you still wouldn’t be losing much because your plan allows you to calculate how much you’re willing to sacrifice for a potential profit.


3 – They utilise the tools that are available to their advantage.

Most successful traders are successful not because of luck but because they utilise every available material. When you trade with a forex broker, you have access to the features they offer that allow you to navigate the market further, learn valuable insights from their materials, and use risk management strategies to your advantage.


Successful traders educate themselves about risk management tools and strategies that help traders minimise losses. Losing money in forex trading is inevitable, but there are things you can do to minimise and avoid them.


4 – They know when to close or hold a trading position.

Another habit of successful traders is they know when to close or hold on to a trading position. Many new traders hold on to a trade for a long time because they hope it will miraculously bring them profit once the market moves in their favour. The thing is, that rarely happens.

Sometimes, holding on to a trade can cause you to lose more money than necessary and rarely bring you profit. Successful traders can make wise decisions on when to close or hold on to a trading position because they learned about the market enough to make better conclusions that could benefit them long term.


5 – They practise practical money management habits.

Many people unknowledgeable about the forex market assume that it’s similar to gambling because most traders they know have poor money management habits. If a trader doesn’t practise practical money management habits, he’s more likely to spend more than he can afford to lose.


Practising money management habits allows successful traders to budget their money better and only allot a specific amount for trading. With this habit, it’s easier for you to trade better and avoid spending money that you can’t possibly earn back.


6 – They don’t take their losses or gains personally by practising emotional control.

When you earn or lose money, it’s difficult not to react with joy and disappointment. After all, our emotions fuel the actions and decisions we make. But if a trader allows his emotions to control his actions and decisions, he’s likely to make poor trading decisions because rational thinking decreases.


Successful traders are successful because they look at their gains and losses analytically and not critically. Through that, they get to make rational decisions that are beneficial to them.


7 – They are open to change.

Last but not least, successful traders are open to change. Since the forex market is highly volatile, the market can change abruptly in a blink of an eye. When that happens, a trader will need to modify his trading plans and strategies more fitting to the current market situation.


A trader not open to change is more likely to be left behind. Being flexible with the changes that could happen along the way allows a trader to learn, make wise but quick modifications to his trading plan, and incorporate better moves in trading.


Success does not come easy.

The success of successful traders doesn’t come easy, unlike what most people assume. Successful traders are successful because they practise hard habits that help them make choices that seem easy. These seven habits are only some of the many that contribute to their success. And if you want to become one, you can start with these. 

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