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6 Creative Christmas Design Ideas With Cricut Explore

6 Creative Christmas Design Ideas With Cricut Explore

Searching for Cricut Christmas ideasWhat’s the best way to showcase your creativity? Christmas is my favorite time of the year, as I love attending family gatherings and creating precious memories. Crafting not only helps me bring people together but also helps in grooming my imaginative side with everyone. With an aim to enter the crafting industry as a professional crafter, I added the Cricut Explore machine to my art collection.

Since then, I have not looked back and made many custom projects for personal as well as professional uses. Besides, most of my customers appreciate my crafting skills and are already ordering Christmas projects to decorate their workplaces and homes. In this blog, I will help you make a final decision in choosing the best Merry Christmas design for this festival.

1.  Iron-On Advent Calendar

Being a mother of two kids is a challenging job, as I have to be on my toes whenever any festival is on its way. This year, I will surprise them by making an advent calendar for them as it will keep them busy counting the total days left for the festival. To transform one of my Cricut Christmas ideas, I need to buy an Explore cutting machine, EasyPress Mini, Iron-On, and Advent blank.

2.  Stockings

Now, one of my favorite Cricut craft ideas for Christmas that immediately comes into my mind is designing stockings. Without any doubt, hanging DIY stockings across the home adds more grace and positive vibes to the festivals. However, to create this personalized item out of this Cricut product, I am going to buy cutting mats, EasyPress Mini, and a Pastel tool set.

Santa Claus stockings by Cricut

3.  Paper Star Garland

Further adding to Cricut Christmas ideas, my personal favorite Merry Christmas design is creating a paper garland. Whether it’s a small reunion or a grand one, the paper star garland is the perfect decoration that adds elegance to the surroundings. With the help of this crafting machine, I can make this project in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Besides, I need to have a scoring stylus, StandardGrip mat, and other materials as per your project.

4.  Front Door Decal

Apart from hanging wreaths, I will also decorate my front door by designing a Merry Christmas decal. Evidently, the decal will give my guests a warm feeling, sharing that I welcome them with all my heart and hugs. I want to say that creating door decals is one of the most accessible decorative items. However, to give them a proper form, you need to have an Explore cutting machine, cutting mat, weeding tool set, and scraper set.

Merry Christmas front door decal

5.  Window Decal

Besides creating decals for the front door out of this machine, I can also make customized window decals to display my creative side. The window decals will help me in making my house look more appealing and eye-pleasing. In fact, to create these Cricut Christmas ideas, I am going to use Explore, an XL scraper, a StandardGrip mat, and a toolset of 5 pieces.

Cricut removable window decal for Christmas Eve

6.  Christmas Hamper

With an aim to make my guest’s night memorable, I decided to bid them goodbye with a Christmas hamper. It was fun to create a personalized hamper on my own. Their hampers are available in different sizes, shapes, and patterns. Besides, I got the chance to make this craft by using this machine, cutting mat, Design Space, transfer sheet, and toolset of 5 pieces.

Cricut Christmas ideas are a fun and rewarding activity to utilize the time and express personal feelings with them. Undoubtedly, creating crafts at home is cost efficient and eco-friendly also. Other than that, the Explore machine gives me the freedom to make uncountable free Cricut Christmas designs from over 100+ materials. Having this Cricut product, I get different chances to design crafts for various occasions and festivals. 


Question: Can I Sell Christmas Projects Made With My Cricut Explore?
Answer: Yes, you can absolutely sell many Christmas crafts made with your Explore machine. This ultimate DIY cutting machine holds the ability to cut more than 100+ materials with ease. Other than that, you can also do various crafts in bulk, separately, or by making your website and then taking the order. Besides, Explore can help you in finishing the craft within 10-15 minutes.

Question: Do I Need Design Space While Using Cricut Explore?
Answer: All the DIYers need to have Design Space to draw any design for their projects. This software has different tools and libraries with free images, fonts, and ready-to-use projects. Besides, Design Space also helps them in giving proper formation to their design by providing suggestions. This Cricut software is compatible with desktop & mobile devices and is easy to learn.

Question: What Christmas Projects Can I Create With My Cricut Explore?
Answer: Some of the famous Christmas projects that DIYers can easily make out of their Explore cutting machine are as follows:

● Santa tray

● Ornaments

● Pillows

● T-shirt

● Mug

● Hat

● Tote bag

● Photo frame

● Cookie plate

● Planters

● Phone case

● Wooden sign

● Etched wine glass

● Leather earrings

● Doormat

● Butterfly boxes

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Cricut Design Space mac

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