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5 Must-Ask Questions While Ordering Customized Cakes Online in Singapore


Ordering customized cakes in Singapore from online bakery is the art. You have to communicate about your needs, preferences, budget, likes or dislikes with bakery clearly. Ask questions beforehand to avoid the cake disaster on the day of event. From asking pricing to available flavours, from asking size to delivery services, everything makes your experience smooth.


Your special occasion is just around the corner, and you’ve decided to make the event from ordinary to extra ordinary by ordering a customized cake. But don’t know where to start? These days online bakeries come to the front line for taking orders of customized cakes Singapore. But it’s really felt scary to order online especially for such special events. Don’t worry we will help you out to make your experience the best. Before you place your order with an online bakery, here are some questions lists, you must ask from bakery while ordering customized cakes Singapore.

What is the Lead Time for Customized Cakes?

Timing is everything, so start your cake journey by asking about the lead time. Customized cakes Singapore usually requires more time for design and preparation than ordinary cake. Most bakeries require at least 1-2 weeks’ notice before event date. So, before you pick up the phone or hit that “order” button, ask about the lead time. This also helps them to check if they can schedule or adjust your order in their calendar or not.

And you know that when you do something at eleventh hour, it will cost you double or may be a chance to ruin your event by delaying delivery. So, it’s a wise suggestion to start planning 3-4 weeks ahead if you want to add a touch of magic with customized cakes Singapore.

What Flavors and Fillings Are Available for Customized Cakes?

When ordering customized cakes Singapore, the first thing to ask is, what flavours and fillings do you offer? Usually when ordering online, the bakery itself provide you a list of options for fillings and flavours. Or even ready to customize anything if something is not their options. But if they don’t give you a flavour menu, don’t hesitate and ask them.

Usually, their flavour ranges from classic chocolate, vanilla, red velvet or lemon to trendy flavours such as salted caramel, earl gray or matcha green tea. You can mix and match flavors and fillings that pair well together with your theme. For example, a chocolate cake with a peanut butter filling or a lemon cake with a blueberry jam in the centre. The options are endless, so don’t be stick to same boring flavours.

What Size and Shape Options Do You Offer?

The size and shape of your cake helps to decide on how many people it can serve and the overall look. Mostly online bakeries offer round, square, and sheet customized cakes Singapore in a different range of diameters and dimensions to suit your needs. For a small gathering of close friends or family, a 6-inch or 8-inch round cake is enough. Larger events will cover up in 14 inches or more in diameter.

Some bakeries also offer unique shapes like hexagons, ovals, or even letters and numbers. If you have a particular shape in mind, ask them whether they are able to deliver customized shapes.

How Do You Handle Special Dietary Needs?

If you or your guests have specific dietary restrictions like gluten-free, lactose intolerance, dairy-free, or nut allergies, don’t hesitate to ask if the bakery can accommodate these needs. Many bakeries offer allergy-friendly options that are just as tasty as other normal cake.

Many bakeries can easily accommodate alternative ingredients. Specially, ask them if they have past experience in creating gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegan customized cakes Singapore. What alternative ingredients do they use to replace gluten, dairy, or eggs while maintaining taste and texture? If a bakery seems hesitant in answering your questions, you should look some other bakery or online option.

What Decorating Options Are Available?

Without decorations, cake is incomplete. When ordering a customized cakes Singapore from online bakery, ask about their decorating options to make sure your cake looks just the way you want. Normally the decorating options is made up of these things.

  • Fondant or buttercream icing in any color to match your theme.
  • Edible decorations like fondant flowers, gumpaste bows or lace, chocolate curls, sprinkles, candies, or crushed cookies.
  • Stencils, airbrushing or freehand piping to create patterns, monograms or images on the cake.
  • Cake toppers like fresh or sugar flowers to compliment your theme.
  • Ribbons, lace or string lights around the base of the cake for an extra special touch.

With long list of decoration options available from bakeries, you can have the limitless possibilities to customize your cake the way you want. But don’t forget to consider the additional charges of every added decoration item.

What Is the Pricing Range?

Having a customized cakes Singapore on your special events comes with a bit more price tag. To keep your budget on track and no surprises at the delivery time, request a detailed pricing structure from the bakery. For dietary restrictions or preferences, ask, “Are there any additional fees for special dietary requests, such as gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegan options? And ask, ‘’If there are extra charges for custom decoration items?’’

Pricing structure with mentioned charges of each and every thing helps you to fit and align with your budget. If it goes out of budget, you know what can be possibly avoided and what things make me out of budget by adding.

What Is the Cancellation and Refund Policy?

Life is full of surprises, and sometimes plans change. Ensure you’re aware of the bakery’s cancellation and refund policies for customized cakes Singapore. Having a clear understanding of the cancellation procedure gives you peace of mind if something unfortunate happens. Don’t forget to ask about method of refund amount. Some bakeries give you full refund and doesn’t put penalties on cancellation, some have no refund policy or even some sets percentage of total amount for refund. Make sure you are well aware of everything.

Do you offer Delivery?

Imagine on the day of event, you are waiting on the venue for cake delivery and at the same time baker is waiting for you at bakery for pick-up. This confusion for delivery option can possibly ruin your special event. Delay in cake and not having cake on time will give you anxiety. So, its better when you place order for customized cakes Singapore, you should discuss about delivery service. Whether they provide delivery service or you have to pick up the cake. What are their delivery charges or either they deliver in your required location or not. These questions will give you clear mind map for getting cake in your hands on day of event.

Wrapping Up

Remember that clear communication is key for perfecting the art of ordering customized cakes Singapore online. Provide the bakery with as much detail as possible about your preferences and expectations, and don’t hesitate to ask any additional questions that come to your mind. If any special event coming up, do give a try to Tings Bakery. You won’t regret because their customized cakes not only look stunning but also wow your taste buds.

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