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5 Jobs Suggested by Study Abroad Consultants in Mumbai

The majority of the students studying abroad are looking for better part-time jobs there. It’s because students want to cover their overall expenses, including fees, house rent, utilities bills and many others. Doing a job when studying abroad helps students avoid the burden of their expenses, and manage everything well. Now, the best option for students is to take the help of study abroad consultants in Mumbai to find the right jobs. Everyone knows that getting an education overseas is expensive, so to meet all the requirements, finding a better job is vital. Later in the post, students will find the best five jobs that they can perform overseas during their studies to earn a lot.

Ways Experts Suggest to Find the Right Jobs

When students make up their minds to do a part-time job overseas, then it’s time to consult with experts. By holding the hand of study abroad agents from, scholars get multiple options to choose from. Before knowing about the jobs, one should know the ways to know various sources to get the right jobs. Some fine ways overseas education agents suggest to their students are looking for references, going through online job listings and finding internal jobs. So, the best way for students who want to earn during their studies is to get a better job through education consultants in Mumbai.


It’s a great job for the students who know driving well and have enough time apart from their studies. What they have to do is drive cars as personal drivers. They have to pick up clients from their location and drop them off accordingly to earn. This helps them to get better income monthly, and they also enjoy travelling to new locations. The best part of the driving job is that students get 20-25 per hour. The same amount is high enough as compared to other jobs that students get at the start of their careers. So, to buy a car for a driving job, students should contact study abroad consultants in Mumbai. They help them in finding affordable vehicles and the right job.

Personal Trainer

Many students want to look physically and mentally strong. Due to this, they join gym or health training programs. That is why a personal trainer job is a better option for students studying abroad. For the same, students know everything about changing the lifestyle of the next person. They know how to train people mentally and physically. In this job, students get the same amount of dollars mentioned above. One of the best things about this job is that they can give training to their clients online or over the phone. So, one should take the help of study abroad consultants in Mumbai to know about vacant personal trainer jobs.


For students who always want to teach others through their experience and knowledge, it’s a perfect job. They can take the teaching session or classes online in their free time. For teaching, students should find topics that others find difficult and train them well. It’s a difficult job than others, but it gives a high payout to the tutors. To perform the same job, students should be fluent in English and have all the degrees and qualifications. Finding such a job is hard enough for students. So, it’s advisable to deal with the best education consultants in Mumbai and then get proper help.

Mail Deliverer

The job of mail deliverer is simple. These people only have to follow the given route, deliver the provided goods and then recover outgoing mail. The entire set-up in the same job is easy and quick, too. Students are allowed to do such jobs only at the weekends or at night. The pay range for this job is $19-$22. To perform a mail deliverer job, students must have 10 completed documents. The key thing students should learn as a mail deliverer is to get the parcel signed and then notified by your office. Also, do not forget to give updates about the parcel deliveries to maintain the records well.


If you have better writing skills and experience in the same field, doing the job as a freelancer is the best. There are many sites available on which students can apply for freelancing. In this job, there are no limitations. Writers can earn according to their work. The payment depends on the quality and quantity of words and experience of the writers. There’s a great scope in this particular field. Individuals can get a better job after completing their studies. Study abroad consultants in Mumbai help students to do freelancing as a part-time job to earn enough money.

Final Verdict

Apart from the above-given jobs, there are several others like travel agent, cleaner, head server and babysitter. Students are free to choose any job according to their requirements. Every student should put effort into finding a better job while studying abroad. Instead of waiting for the studies to be completed, they should do available part-time jobs and earn to cover the expenses. As mentioned above about the education consultants in Mumbai, students should get help from them by using

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