5 Features of Successful eCommerce SEO Services

Paying for eCommerce SEO services can quickly become expensive, so it’s worth it to do your due diligence and know what you’re getting.

That way, you’ll know if the services are worth it or not. At a minimum, quality SEO services will provide for the following.

Site Audit and Competitor Analysis

Experienced providers of eCommerce marketing and SEO services know they have nowhere to start if they don’t audit your existing website to find errors and areas for improvement over the long term.

On top of that, it’s critical to know what your competitors are and where they currently stand in the organic search results. It can be impossible to get on the first page for some keywords if your ten biggest competitors are already there and have high domain authority ratings.

Keyword Research

Before any actual optimizations can be made, an eCommerce SEO agency must perform keyword research so they know what keywords to target as a part of the strategy.

Get involved during the keyword research phase because no expert knows your business the way you do. What keywords seem viable to an SEO expert might be good on paper but make no sense for your model, or for your potential customers.

Also, pick their brains a little over the eCommerce SEO strategy. Make sure they’re picking keywords that have volume and attainable difficulty, preferably ones with transactional or commercial search intent that will bring more qualified leads to your landing pages.

Content Optimization

Once your provider of eCommerce SEO services has selected a set of target keywords, you can get started optimizing existing content on your website with it.

Much of the time, you won’t need entirely new content, and the SEO provider will simply update the copy that already lives on your CMS, category, and product pages.

Blogging, news, and press releases that are optimized for your target keywords are also an essential component of a complete SEO campaign. If an SEO provider isn’t offering these in the scope of work, something is missing.

Technical Optimization

There are many small technical ranking factors that together impact the performance of your website from an SEO standpoint.

Among these are website loading speeds, site security, technical structure, internal linking, and broken and toxic links.

Any eCommerce SEO services provider should be sweeping your website on an ongoing basis to uncover any of these technical issues and rectify them.

Moreover, any eCommerce SEO company you hire should provide you with detailed feedback on how to improve page loading speeds, as this is one of the main areas in which eCommerce websites fall short on technical SEO.

On and Off-Page Optimization

The last two components of SEO that all services providers should cover are on and off-page SEO.

These are a collection of factors that can be improved for your website with the intention of boosting its SEO value.

For on-page SEO, the provider should be optimizing title tags, headers, meta descriptions, internal links, and general page layout and structure.

Off-page SEO refers to efforts you take off your website that improve its SEO; the biggest thing is link building. Some SEO services providers publish content on third-party websites with high domain authority scores and add in backlinks to your website that improve it’s overall SEO.

Hiring Professionals for eCommerce SEO Services

For some eCommerce entrepreneurs, this prospect is a lot more than they can take on without any help.

Consequently, many hire professionals for their eCommerce SEO services. If you do, work with an experienced and well-established agency like 1Digital Agency (1DigitalAgency.com).

They’ve been honing their marketing strategies and processes for more than 10 years, and have helped clients with online stores in more than 20 industries climb the ladders of the search engine results pages. Visit their website for more information or get in touch with them at Info@1DigitalAgency.com.

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