5 classy bracelet designs of the year 2023

Bracelets are not new. It’s a traditional jewelery worn by women for more than 6000 years back. Wearing bracelets was common then as they believed that it was a ritual as well as for adornment. According to archaeological studies, there is strong evidence that people used to proudly wear bracelets in ancient Mesopotamia, China, and Egypt. However, bracelets of those times are not what you see today, bracelets then were made of shells, leaves, and limbs of trees or grasses. Even today, bracelets are great accessories that go well with any kind of outfit. Be it a traditional gown or a short dress bracelet compliments every attire gracefully. Bracelets help you to look classy and enhance your personality.

Chain link Bracelets

A chain link bracelet effortlessly gives you a chic effect to casual as well as black tie attires. Small metal links are connected to the link bracelet. Link bracelets can be of any metal but the gold link bracelet gives you a more glamorous look than any other metal. The metallic link chains can be of any size and design. Although, small links look pretty when worn at a party or a casual event. Link bracelets can be worn by people of any gender. Little trinkets hung on the chains give a young look to every woman. Sleek chain link bracelets can also be worn every day but better to remove them while doing heavy activities. 

Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets come in a variety of styles and they are classic timeless beauties that add a different glow to every woman’s wrists. The trinkets or the charms are the elements that add uniqueness to charm bracelets. The charms can be of any shape and size. For instance, an animal lover can customize the bracelet and add charms of animals like tiny unicorns or pussy cats or someone fond of astronomy can add stars or moon as the charms of the bracelets. Charm bracelets are adored by women of every age and this cute little piece of jewelry can be a great gift for your mom, sister, or your friend.

Tennis bracelets

Tennis bracelets are popular since 1987 after the tennis player after the then famous player Chris Evert halted an ongoing tennis match just to find her diamond-studded chain bracelet that fell on the court while playing. This incident thrived the popularity of the classic bracelet studded with diamond and the name “tennis bracelet” emerged since then. Even today, tennis bracelets are popular worldwide because of their sophisticated and symmetrical appearance. A diamond tennis bracelet is nothing but a single row of diamonds attached at the end. Tennis bracelets are ideal for office-going women. You can also pair it up with a black midi dress for a night out. 

Bangle style bracelet

Some also know it as a cuff bracelet is defined by a hinge at the back of the bracelet which makes it easy to put on and remove from the wrist. The bangle bracelet style has come from the Indian subcontinent and has gained popularity across the world. Bangle-style bracelets can be of any measurement but thick bracelets are more popular. However, sleek bangle bracelets can also be worn while going to the office. Some bangle-style bracelets also have charms. Pair a bangle bracelet with a wristwatch for a smart and confident look. 
Gemstone bracelets
As its name suggests, gemstone bracelets are adorned with gemstones like pearl ruby, sapphire, and emerald. These bracelets are usually made of gold or platinum and a few gemstones are embedded in the metal. Gemstone bracelets add a spark to a simple metal bracelet and they can be worn at engagement parties or on your engagement.
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