SEO in Singapore

3 Things to be Considered While Analyzing Your SEO in Singapore

SEO is about being seen and noticeable on the internet and your SEO service provider must be able to work hard to provide you that feat.

Get the best SEO services in Singapore that do the following things:

  • Plan a wide range of distribution strategies that will produce organic traffic to push website views
  • Proper SEO marketing to attract potential visitors to your content and SEO campaigns
  • Provide a comprehensive idea about your business and the reason to choose you from the rest
  • Provide a positive user experience that will lead to better website ranking
  • Must not use the content the keywords to attract the audience, but make them meaningful and useful

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Things to Consider While Analyzing Your Search Engine Optimization

You invest in the SEO Singapore, so every time a potential customer searches anything relevant on the search engines, your website can be seen on the top of the first page. This is the only way to promote your brand within a huge mass, get more organic traffic, and improve your sales stats.

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But how will you be sure that your SEO strategy is taking you in the right direction? For that you have to consider the 3 following points.

Test the Speed of Your Website

Before the algorithm speed update of Google, the speed of your website matters a lot and influence the ranking as well. According to a recent study, more than half of the mobile visitors will leave your page within a time span of 3 seconds if the speed is not commendable. That is why by improving the speed of your website, you can increase the bounce rates or the number of visitors visiting your website after going through a single page.

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The following points will help you to improve the speed of your website:

· Test Page Speed

The page speed insights and several other page speed test websites can help you with suggestions to improve the page speed on both your mobile and desktops. You will get all the necessary stats and ideas on how to optimize your page speed.

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· Group Test

Ask multiple uses to go through your website and provide feedback about their experience. It would best if you ask your employees to check the website and share their experience, because you will be able to interact with them more easily.

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· Self-Test

Don’t just rely on other’s feedback, but go on and test the speed of your website by yourself. When you are testing it, try to use different devices, such as mobile phone, I-pad, and desktop for a better understanding.

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Keywords Must be Relevant to Your Business

You already know the fact that keywords play the most important role in your SEO performance. That is why the keywords you are using on the content must be relevant to your business. For example, if you provide the cab services, use the keywords that are relevant to online cab booking or cab hire. This way, when a user will search on Google, your website will pop up at the first position on the first page.

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Backlinks Increase Credibility and Online Rating

SEO is the most important factor to rank your website at the top place of any relevant search results. But, that may not be enough to increase or establish credibility among the visitors.

Backlinks are a type of incoming and outbound links that you can get from other partnering websites. You can easily use the backlink tools to build links and increase credibility.

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