2023’s Best Practices for Digital Marketing and Social Media

Digital marketing and social media continue to evolve rapidly. Staying up-to-date on the latest best practices is key for driving real business results. Here are some of the top tips for optimizing your digital and social media marketing efforts in 2023:

Focus on Quality Over Quantity of Followers

Having genuine, engaged followers matters more than inflating your vanity metrics. Audit your social accounts and focus on nurturing high-quality communities. Prune dormant or irrelevant followers. Use social listening to identify and engage your true target audience.

Optimize For Organic and Paid Social Synergy

Work toward seamlessly integrating organic and paid social activities for amplification. Use paid social to test content then optimize organic content that performs well. Retarget engaged visitors with ads. Coordinate paid and organic post timing.

Streamline Your Digital Properties and Channels

Consolidate your digital properties under a unified brand experience. Eliminate redundant or outdated websites, pages, profiles. Simplify your architecture. Cross-link related content. This improves discoverability and helps you focus efforts.

Adopt A Mobile-First Mindset

With mobile dominating, every aspect of your digital presence must be mobile-friendly — site design, content, ads, etc. Prioritize mobile optimization and user experience. Leverage mobile analytics to identify opportunities.

Level Up Your Social Media Visuals

Visual content gets more engagement on social media. Use high-quality images, video, infographics, animations. Leverage social media tools like Canva for quick graphic creation. Develop a consistent visual brand style.

Set Data-Driven Goals and KPIs

Define specific metrics like leads, sales, and ROI to track. Use analytics to measure performance across digital channels. Evaluate content, campaigns, ads, and platforms based on data insights. Refine efforts to maximize ROI.

Build a Customer Journey Focused Strategy

Map out the entire customer journey across digital touchpoints. Identify gaps or friction points. Develop targeted content, offers, and messaging for each stage — awareness to consideration to conversion.

Commit To Ongoing Optimization

Continuously evaluate performance and identify opportunities to improve. Stay on top of platform algorithm changes. Test new content types, tactics, and technologies. Take an agile, always-optimizing approach.

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