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10 Vital Factors Affecting a Tenant’s Decision to Rent a House

A good landlord earning income by renting a residential property understands the expectation of the tenants when renting a house. Potential tenants are ready to pay higher rent for a residence if they find it suitable for their needs.   

Herein is an overview of things renters evaluate when choosing a new home. Read on if you want to book a house for rent in Bangalore for a regular source of earning. 

  1. Location 

The prime point of consideration when looking for rental properties is the location. Most people want to rent a house in residential complexes where they can form a community and live peacefully. There is hesitation to choose a flat/apartment adjacent to local markets and noisy areas.  

  1. Rental Amount and Other Costs 

Budget is the decisive factor for most people looking to rent a house. Setting a competitive price margin influences the renter’s choice over other factors. 

Often there is an inclination to set a high rent to maximize earnings. However, the idea may not work if the property remains vacant for the long term. A reasonable pricing structure is suitable for a steady flow of income throughout the year. 

house for rent in Bangalore 
  1. Security Systems 

Safety is a priority for everyone when moving to a new house in an unknown locality. There are several ways to enhance security features in and around the property to make the dwellers feel secure and live peacefully. 

Apart from CCTV cameras and security alarms, homeowners nowadays install safety deadbolts and key-operated window locks for security. Outdoor motion lights and door sensors are also installed to prevent thieves and burglars from entering the home premises. 

  1. Commute Facilities 

Most people rent a house in a new city for occupational needs. Excellent transport facilities to the job location, schools, and other important places impact the renter’s decision to lease your property. 

  1. Water and Electricity Supply

Water and power supply are core needs for every household. If there are faulty plumbing structures or electricity points, it leaves a poor impression on the visitor. 

  1. Property Type and Storage  

The need for storage space is never the same for all people. A person relocating with a small family of four people may like to opt for a 2BHK for rent Bangalore. Occupants who receive guests frequently want large premises, so there is a desire for 1-2 extra bedrooms. 

If you have a garage within the boundaries, the renter with a personal vehicle may show interest in the property. Some people also prefer keeping extra belongings in the garage space than within the house. 

house for rent in Bangalore 
  1. Desired Amenities 

People accustomed to hectic lifestyles and busy schedules often indulge in leisure activities in their spare time. Homes close to parks, gyms, and other recreation centres are rented by potential tenants quickly. 

  1. Condition of the Apartment 

People who want to move into a rented flat with a family are very choosy. They will monitor the house during the physical visit. Most renters will hesitate to shift into a home if it:

  • looks unclean 
  • has damaged structures
  • has faulty plumbing
  • has inadequate electrical fittings

Investing in apartment maintenance is always a sensible investment for property owners. It ensures the house does not lie vacant for a long time due to poor conditions. 

  1. Local Community

New dwellers will prefer to form a community with other inhabitants in the locality. This is why flats in residential complexes are desirable compared to those in high-traffic areas. 

  • Accessibility

A house located a few footsteps away from grocery shops, pharmaceutical stores, and a vegetable market ease life. Living in a house in a remote location can be problematic for new occupants. No one wants to live in a flat 30 minutes away from medical facilities, the local market, shops, and other amenities. 

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