10 Video Games That Can Boost Intelligence

In the realm of video games, entertainment and education often go hand in hand. While gaming is often associated with leisure, several video games offer more than just an enjoyable experience—they stimulate the mind and enhance cognitive abilities.

In this guide, we explore 10 video games that can make you smarter, providing a unique blend of entertainment and intellectual stimulation.

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or someone looking to explore the educational potential of gaming, these titles are worth considering. Additionally, we’ll touch upon the importance of finding these games at a reputable computer store for an optimal gaming experience.

1. Portal 2

Genre: Puzzle, First-person Shooter
Platform: PC, Consoles

Description: Portal 2 is a critically acclaimed puzzle game that challenges players with spatial reasoning and problem-solving. The game’s mechanics involve using a portal gun to create inter-dimensional portals, requiring players to think critically and strategically to navigate complex levels. The witty narrative and engaging puzzles make Portal 2 an entertaining and intellectually stimulating experience.

2. Civilization VI

Genre: Turn-based Strategy
Platform: PC, Consoles

Description: Civilization VI is a strategy game that lets players build and manage their own civilization. With a focus on diplomacy, culture, science, and warfare, the game requires strategic thinking and long-term planning. As players navigate through different eras of human history, they must make decisions that impact the growth and success of their civilization.

3. Kerbal Space Program

Genre: Simulation
Platform: PC, Consoles

Description: Kerbal Space Program is a space flight simulation game that combines entertainment with physics and engineering challenges. Players design and build their own spacecraft, navigate them through space, and attempt to land on celestial bodies. The game promotes problem-solving, creativity, and an understanding of basic aerospace engineering principles.

4. The Witness

Genre: Puzzle
Platform: PC, Consoles

Description: The Witness is a first-person puzzle game set on a mysterious island. Players explore the environment, solving intricate puzzles that gradually increase in complexity. The game encourages observation, pattern recognition, and the development of deductive reasoning skills. The captivating visuals and ambient soundtrack add to the immersive experience.

5. Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!

Genre: Puzzle, Brain Training
Platform: Nintendo DS

Description: Developed by Nintendo, Brain Age is a series of games designed to stimulate various areas of the brain. With exercises ranging from mathematics challenges to memory tests, the game aims to keep the mind sharp and agile. The bite-sized activities make it an accessible choice for quick cognitive workouts.

6. Minecraft

Genre: Sandbox, Survival
Platform: PC, Consoles

Description: While often associated with creativity and building, Minecraft also offers intellectual benefits. Players engage in resource management, planning, and problem-solving as they navigate the game’s open-world environment. The game’s educational editions even incorporate lessons in subjects like mathematics and history.

7. Lumosity

Genre: Brain Training
Platform: Online, Mobile

Description: Lumosity is not a traditional video game but rather a collection of brain-training exercises designed by neuroscientists. The platform offers a variety of games targeting memory, attention, problem-solving, and more. Regular use is intended to enhance cognitive abilities over time.

8. Foldit

Genre: Puzzle
Platform: PC

Description: Foldit is a unique puzzle game that involves solving complex protein-folding challenges. Developed by the University of Washington, the game’s player-contributed solutions have even led to advancements in real-world scientific research. Foldit combines entertainment with the opportunity to contribute to scientific discovery.

9. Universe Sandbox 2

Genre: Simulation
Platform: PC

Description: Universe Sandbox 2 is an interactive space simulation game that allows players to manipulate celestial bodies and witness the consequences. Through experimentation, players learn about physics, astronomy, and the dynamics of the universe. The game encourages curiosity and exploration.

10. Assassin’s Creed Origins

Genre: Action-Adventure
Platform: PC, Consoles

Description: While known for its action-packed gameplay, Assassin’s Creed Origins also offers an educational component.

Set in ancient Egypt, the game provides a historically accurate open-world environment, allowing players to explore and learn about the culture, architecture, and events of the time period.

Finding these Games at Your Local Computer Store

As you embark on your journey to smarter gaming, it’s essential to access these titles through a reliable computer store. Here’s why:

  1. Authenticity and Legitimacy: Reputable computer stores provide genuine copies of games, ensuring that you receive legitimate and legal versions. This is crucial for a seamless gaming experience without the risk of encountering pirated or compromised software.

  2. Updates and Patches: Games often receive updates and patches to improve performance, fix bugs, and add new features. Purchasing from a computer store ensures that you have access to these updates, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

  3. Technical Support: In the rare event of technical issues or troubleshooting needs, buying from a computer store offers the advantage of potential technical support. Store professionals can provide assistance or guidance, ensuring that you get the most out of your gaming investment.

  4. Warranty and Return Policies: Reputable computer stores typically offer warranties and reasonable return policies. In case of any unforeseen issues with the game or compatibility problems, these policies provide a safety net for your purchase.

  5. Access to a Variety of Platforms: Computer stores often carry games for various platforms, including PC and consoles. This diversity allows you to explore different gaming experiences based on your preferred platform.


Embracing the intellectual potential of video games can transform your gaming sessions into stimulating and educational experiences. From problem-solving puzzles to strategic simulations, these 10 video games offer a diverse range of challenges for your mind.

As you explore the world of smarter gaming, remember the importance of obtaining these games from a reputable computer store. This ensures a secure and authentic gaming experience, allowing you to unlock the full potential of your chosen titles. Happy gaming!

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