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Your confidence reflects the most in your smile. And what makes you feel more confident is a pretty smile. But a few things might make you feel less confident or underconfident. For instance, misaligned, broken, chipped, and missing teeth. However, you can get rid of all these if you visit a cosmetic dentist Seattle.

You can meet the finest cosmetic dentist at Smiles On 35th. This dental clinic is a place where you will be introduced to all your dental treatments, from restorative & preventive to cosmetic. Here’s how cosmetic dental treatments at this clinic helped a patient.

Patient 1: Disappointed with Smile:

Alex had a pretty smile, to begin with. But, due to her bad dental hygiene routines, the color of her teeth started to get paler. With time, she started to feel uncomfortable smiling in front of others. The pretty smile felt lost somewhere. After dealing with the problem for so long, she finally went to Smiles On 35th for teeth whitening Seattle. After one or two sessions, Alex observed great changes in the color of her teeth. Along with this, she strictly followed the dental & oral hygiene routine that her dentist from this clinic suggested. She finally got her pretty smile back.

Patient 2: An Accident Ruining the Smile:

While running on the football field, Joeseph tripped & fell on the ground badly. He got up and realized that his front tooth was chipped. He felt too embarrassed to open his mouth in front of his friends as they would make fun of him. He went straight to his home & asked his mother to take him to the dentist. After visiting Smiles On 35th, Joeseph requested his dentist to get his tooth back. The dentist assured him that within a few sessions, he would restore his smile. This assurance made Joe feel a bit relieved.

Patient 3: Nothing to Hold You Back:

Haley was passionate about her modeling career. However, her uneven-sized teeth made her a bit hesitant. However, before even applying for modeling academies, she decided to get a cosmetic dental treatment to get rid of every obstacle. She went to Smiles On 35th and decided to get dental veneers Seattle. Her extremely supportive cosmetic dentist from this clinic acted according to her request and gave her the treatment she desired. She finally had those flawless teeth that added more to her smile.

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