New Orleans’ Food Festivals: Showcasing Creole and Cajun Flavors


New Orleans is the capital of culinary diversity in the USA. The roots of culinary traditions must be sought in the past and geography of the city. Many nations have influenced the creation of unique flavor combinations:

  • indigenous Indians,
  • European settlers,
  • Africans.

New Orleans has two vibrant gastronomic trends: Cajun and Creole. New Orleans food festivals are perfect for soaking up the extraordinary dishes and atmosphere. This article will help you find the perfect occasion for your trip to New Orleans. It also announces Creole and Cajun flavors, so you feel more confident in the variety of unfamiliar meals at the event!

Cajun and Creole: Highlights

To understand what to expect from the food and surroundings of the festival, it is worth understanding the differences between these two directions. Creole is a collective concept that translates as “local” and unites Indians, Africans, and some settlers from Western Europe. The primary component is the famous Creole tomatoes and sauces made from them. Creole dishes often include combinations of spices and seafood.

Cajun history is more evident and less ancient. This word came to describe French migrants to Canada who found refuge in lower Louisiana at the end of the 18th century. This ethnic group has formed a unique cultural style from music to food. The settlers ate according to the farm-to-table principle. 

The hallmark of Cajun food is the charming simplicity of country meals. Be prepared for cured meats, a dominance of pork, rice, and boiled crayfish. Now, with this knowledge, you can evaluate the vibe of culinary events in New Orleans!

Creole Tomato Festival

At the beginning of summer, juicy Creole tomatoes ripen – an indispensable component of local dishes. In honor of this event, New Orleans opens June with the Creole Tomato Festival. The celebration is held at the French Market, accompanied by live music, and is free. Among the entertainment:

  • Bloody Mary market,
  • culinary seminars,
  • tomato eating tournament.

You will be surprised how many dishes can be prepared from tomatoes and how delicious they can be in different combinations. Pay attention to the classic highlights of the festival:

  • Creole tomato pancakes,
  • tomato pie with crayfish,
  • grilled shrimp with tomatoes and rice,
  • fried green tomatoes with spices.

Louisiana Seafood Festival

The anticipated festival annually brings seafood lovers to New Orleans in October for three days of gastronomic delight. The festival harmoniously combines Cajun and Creole traditions, showcasing them in food, music, and artistic crafts.

The event features seafood competitions from chefs throughout Louisiana. There are also cooking classes, art exhibitions, and educational programs. Dishes you should try include:

  • oyster po-boys,
  • shrimp remoulade,
  • barbecue shrimp and oysters,
  • crawfish etouffe.

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Creole Gumbo Festival

Gumbo is the hallmark of New Orleans. The variations of this dish can be listed for a long time since each family in New Orleans has its unique recipe. Generally, it is about a thick soup stew made from:

  • fruits of the okra plant,
  • tomatoes,
  • chicken,
  • ham or seafood,
  • spices.

The Creole Gumbo Festival is held at the end of March in Louis Armstrong Park (Tremé district). In addition to delicious, complex dishes, you will enjoy a variety of musical accompaniments. Brass bands play at the festival in honor of the great jazzman.


Cajun-Zydeco Festival

If you love jazz and seafood, welcome to Louis Armstrong Park in early June to taste the local traditions. Cajun and Zydeco are jazz music styles originating from Louisiana. Feel the hot dance beat while enjoying simple but delicious Cajun seafood dishes like:

  • oysters,
  • crabs,
  • alligators,
  • shrimp and fish.

The festival provides entertainment for children while parents enjoy the music show and food.


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