makeup artist course in Chandigarh

Makeup Artist Course in Chandigarh Sector 34

Everything you need to know to choose the right Academy for Make Up Artist.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What are the skills to learn absolutely to become a Make Up Artist?
  • Technical skills
  • Commercial skills. 
  1. Products and Brushes
  2. Teachers and Master Make Up Artists
  3. Conclusion
  4. FAQs


When you talk about professional make up, you tend to limit it to just beautifying make up and the world of beauty, but their industry also includes theatrical make up, pictorial makeup, face/body painting, and special effects.


The sectors in which their work is required are different: in addition to offering this service to individuals (daytime, evening, bridal, and ceremony make-up) or in cosmetic shops to resell products, they work in the photographic advertising and editorial, in the fashion sector (always for photo shoots or in fashion shows), as a backstage service in the world of television, cinema, theater or event shooting.


What are the skills to learn absolutely to become a Makeup Artist?

  • Technical skills
  • Commercial skills. 


Technical skills are analysis and execution skills that a professional make-up artist cannot ignore. Starting from the base of the base, the fundamental notions to be branded in the mind of the MUA are: 

  1. Color theory and chromatic agreement; 
  2. Color psychology and communication through colors; 
  1. Anatomy and morphology; and, consequently, the practical techniques of color correcting (the correction through certain nuances of color) and the execution of the morphological corrective make-up. 


These elements are covered by all make-up schools in the “basic and corrective make-up” courses, and what makes one course better than another is the overall duration in which these topics are covered, what is specifically explained and addressed by the teacher, and what possibilities the student has to be able to practice to refine their skills.


Whereas Commercial skills are included in professional courses and provide various types of methods in makeup. When the make-up artist has to create embellishment make-up for any client, it is essential to have the ability to design make-up that effectively enhances it, creating it in the shortest possible time.


Therefore, it is necessary to have clear in mind and in a rather automatic way what are the types of make-up and the relative geometries to be performed that can fully enhance that specific morphology and what are the colors to use to beautify without exceeding or weigh down, under the undertone of the skin, the color of the eyes, hair, and dress. 


Therefore, the Makeup Artist Course Institute in Chandigarh Sector 34 allows the student to learn the theory concerning morphological corrective makeup. These essential technical skills are inevitably combined with dermatology and cosmetology with the need to have an in-depth knowledge of the physiology of the skin to devise a correct method of preparation for make-up and detailed knowledge of make-up products and equipment necessary to carry out any service on all types of customers.


Products and Brushes

Learning to use and know all types of products and equipment is essential to acquire the technical skills of correction or coverage and to be able to create make-up with greater confidence and fluency in any situation.  Evaluating which products are used during the courses and which variety you can test and put into make-up practice is essential.


It is necessary to prefer courses in which there is the use of professional products and not of common perfumery or large-scale distribution since the specific differences between these products are abysmal and determine not only the yield and the final result but also the learning of the professional skills necessary for the make-up artist.


Teachers and Master Make Up Artists

A fundamental role in makeup artist course institute in Chandigarh is played by the natural and tangible skills of the teachers who hold the course. An established professional undoubtedly has a lot to teach his students. Still, the real difference in the training field is not given so much (or only) by the “fame” of the teacher but by the propensity and aptitude that the teacher has in teaching and in his real ability to transmit his skills to his students.


The human and personal skills of the teacher to be a mentor and a strong point on which to count play a fundamental role when you have questions, even at the end of the course. Therefore, it is necessary to inquire also about these aspects of the training, seeking feedback from the former students who have attended that particular course before you.



For Makeup Artists, the customer represents a problem that arises, different every time, to which answers and a practical solution must be found. The professional request includes not only make-up for women but also men and the ability to style hair and know how to make any request, from corrective make-up to creating special effects for fashion and video shooting, events, and shows. 



What is the duration of wedding makeup?

As many makeup artists have noted, a typical bridal makeup session takes at least three hours, including hair styling. It all depends on what kind of makeup you choose. When using the airbrush makeup technique, it takes relatively less time compared to traditional makeup.


Is there an extra charge for advanced hairstyles? Do you supply hair accessories?

Makeup also includes hairstyles. If you choose a basic hairstyle, the price does not change. On the other hand, if you want to do something cool, it can cost you money. Trendy hairstyles that have set social media on fire include sophisticated mermaid braids and intricate top knots. Accessories are included in the price, but you can bring your own. You can wear your traditional D-Day outfit or favorite dress and ask your makeup artist to spin the magic wheel to match your hairstyle.


How should you prevent your makeup from falling off if you have oily skin?

If you have oily skin and sweating is a big problem, remember to bring your sheets or blotting paper. Towels and tissues are readily available at drugstores and cosmetic stores. If not, take a tissue and wet it on your face. Do this with a light hand, as the skin may wrinkle.


How to choose eye makeup?

Eye makeup is determined by the structure and shape of the eyes. Find out what shape your eyes are. Check if it is raised, drooping, sunken, or one eyelid hangs or droops. Eye makeup should always match the shape and size of your eyes. Also, calls may or may not complete functions that may be demonstrated during the trial session




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