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Legal Guidelines to Follow Before Starting a Florist Business in Dubai

Flowers are timeless gifts that never go out of the trend. Flowers are the single most entity that are used across the globe as a mode of gifting to express a series of emotions. No matter whether one wants to express happiness or grief, flowers convey all sorts of emotions with great zeal. This is the single most reason why investing in flower business will never go in vain. The flower market of Dubai is booming with new heights. If you are having entrepreneurial ideas and want to materialize it, then go for a florist business in Dubai.

Here are some basic guidelines for starting your own florist shop in Dubai:

  1. Learn the management skills-

Having enough florist skills does not mean you can be great at running the business. You need to learn certain managerial skills which will help you to understand the process of running the business, or you can hire a good experienced staff for your business who knows the nitty and gritty of running a florist business successfully. Make sure your managers are well skilled in the following category.

  • Managing the finances
  • Legal experts
  • Inventory management
  • Logistics management
  • Excellent customer service management
  • Promotion of the business
  • Price merchandise
  • Managing invoice records
  1. Specify the structure of your florist company

Determining the organization structure is a must for starting the company. For instance, whether it will be a sole proprietorship, LLC (limited liability company) or something else.

  1. Registration of trademark-

Choose a proper company name for starting your florist business, as on this name you have to apply for registration. The trade name should reflect the nature and form of your business. The trade name should not contain any derogatory phrases, nor it should violate the public morals. After deciding the name, present the request to the concerned authorities for registering it. The concerned department will analyse the name presented by you and then sanction it if everything is ok.

  1. Get the licence

The business licence for your business will be approved by the concerned department only if it has been scrutinized by the regulatory inspection body. In case, if any issues arise in terms of documentation or compliance, you need to clarify them at the earliest and reapply for obtaining a licence for your floral business.

  1. Pick the right location-

Once you have obtained all the required licences and documents for your flower business in Dubai. Now it’s time to get the right location which can fetch customers to your florist shop. Areas which have high foot traffic will be best for your florist shop as this will drive numerous customers in your shop.

  1. Promote your florist business-

Marketing your florist business is very important as there is high competition in this gamut. You need to devise active marketing plans that can generate more customers and eventually more revenues. Apart from real time marketing, you should also inculcate online marketing on digital platforms. This will target your potential customers and generate a mammoth customer base. If you are not skilled enough in online marketing, you can hire a digital agency who will help you to reach your florist business to wide and targeted customers. Their valuable services will help you to make your presence online, which is a sheer necessity in today’s digital time.


Starting a florist business is always rewarding as the floral industry of Dubai is booming. One can make immense success and revenues if one has the right skills. Apart from florist skills, you also need to develop managerial skills that will help you to manage your floral business in Dubai. You also need to do documentation work for starting a flowers shop in Dubai which includes, registration of company name, specify the structure of the company, obtain the licence, conduct strenuous marketing of your business and pick the right location for your flower store.

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