Features of Business VOIP Solutions and Types of IP PBX Solutions

Business VOIP solutions is essentially a phone system that enables small teams and enterprises to make and receive voice calls and SMS/MMS text messages over the internet utilizing desktop apps or mobile devices (like your own cell phone or tablet), as opposed to a classic landline or analog desk phone.


Today, you’ll encounter more sophisticated VoIP phone systems that are truly integrated communications providers or platforms. In addition to allowing VoIP conversations, these platforms feature team messaging and video conferencing as additional communication channels.


This type of unified platform is more affordable and practical than a conventional business VoIP solutions because more and more customers are contacting small firms through these other channels in addition to phone calls.


Let us look at some of the features of business VOIP solutions:


Truly unified communications


With truly unified communications, all your internal and external communications can be managed on a user-friendly platform. You may call people from the desktop or mobile software, hold video conferences, send SMS/MMS text messages, and many more.


An integrated contact center, if you need it


Business VOIP solutions allow your agents to answer incoming calls and messages if you have support, sales, or any other form of call center staff. Additionally, it is fully integrated, allowing agents to manage calls, handle internal conversations with coworkers, and handle external communications in one app, all on your phone.


Easy setup


You may quickly and easily manage your daily account settings from your online dashboard. With no assistance from IT, you can alter your hold music call waiting settings, add another business phone number, and more.


Plays nice with any device


Small business VOIP phone systems support iOS, Android, PC, Mac, and desktop and mobile applications. You can log in and use it through your web browser without required downloads, which is ideal for small company use. Nothing needs to be downloaded for your clients or potential customers to participate in conference calls or video meetings.


Built-in AI


Business VOIP solutions have a distinctive artificial intelligence integrated straight into the platform, making them special. If you want a record of online meetings or conference calls, it offers automatic call transcriptions that you can switch on and off. It even sends you an automated post-session summary email with recommendations for action.


Voicemail transcriptions


Business VOIP phone systems also transcribe your voicemail messages in real-time in addition to voice calls. Having multiple meetings at once and being unable to access your voicemails. Use the services of VOIP to deal with these problems.


International reach for remote and hybrid teams


An enterprise VoIP solution’s connectivity and international reach in business communications is another significant benefit.


A good business VoIP solution should make communications between all of these employees, prospects, customers, freelancers, and investors as effortless and straightforward as if they were all in the same office, regardless of whether your company has a distributed team across countries and time zones or just a large customer base.


What do you mean by IP PBX System?


A private telephone network used within a company is called a business PBX system. It enables interaction between staff members and clients. The system offers numerous features, including call transfer, voicemail, and call recording. The IP PBX Solution is an excellent option for organizations because it is simple to set up and administer.


Types of IP PBX Solution


There are three primary types of IP PBX solutions: hosted, on-premises and SIP trunking.


  • Hosted: Your company phone will be placed in the cloud if hosted. A hosted IP PBX Solution can be set up with a service agreement and phone purchase. Instead of taking weeks to set up, it only takes a few minutes, and cloud hosting makes adding or removing extra features simple. Additionally, you have complete control over your company’s phones because you are the account manager.


  • On-premises: If you are not planning on enlarging your business, an on-premises IP PBX Solution may be the best choice as the initial cost may be less than the long-term cost of a hosted PBX system’s monthly payments.


Even one-time maintenance charges to keep your network operational shouldn’t cost more than regular payments. With an on-premises solution, however, you will be in charge of maintenance, which probably calls for qualified IT specialists to be on hand.


  • PBX SIP trunking: SIP trunking enables you to upgrade an existing landline PBX to a cloud-based phone system, reducing expenses and increasing features. These include reporting analytics software and smartphone apps.


Concluding Thoughts


A dependable and effective communication system is essential in today’s demanding corporate world. Business VoIP solutions are worth considering since they offer a practical and affordable option that may help organizations stay connected, boost teamwork, and improve customer service.


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