Farmtrac 45

Farmtrac 45 Smart Tractor Feature in India with Price

Farmtrac 45 Smart is equipped with a high PTO HP (Power Take-Off Horsepower) of 43 HP operating at 2000 RPM showing that it has plenty of strength. Its horsepower is not stated but is certainly powerful for a tractor. It has 8 forward gears together with two reverse gears that help to make it popular in the farmlands. The Farmtrac 45 price falls between Rs. 7.50 to 7.80 lakhs*. This particular tractor has a distinctive appearance. It deviates from an average tractor model, attracting attention from every place where it is viewed. However, this tractor is about more than simply appearances – it is designed to provide exemplary performance on various terrains. The cost-effective operation is assured by its fuel-efficient engine which is an essential asset for farmers. It is also flexible enough in that it can do other tasks like plowing and cultivation. The Farmtrac 45 Smart merges style with function – it’s good-looking and performs well on the field.

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